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Preparing your little toddler for the kindergarten!

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Life with the little ones is never easy especially if you are planning to enrol your child in a kindergarten. They hardly stop crying at home with you but when you have to drop them at kindergarten they just go to another level of crying. So one needs to prepare their child for kindergarten, so, it becomes a happy ride for the apple of their eyes.

Here we are explaining five simple ways which will help you to prepare your child for kindergarten school in sohna road Gurgaon or any other place.

Talk to your child

At the very first step, you need to talk to your child early and often. One shall also listen to the response the child gives. You need to talk to them about the change in routines like a change of bedtime or breakfast. It is always wise to begin early and make changes gradually. Also, talk to them about both the positive and anxiety-provoking activities that they experience. After listening to them ease their worries by acknowledging their feelings and coming up with the solutions.

Provide your experiences

Every child loves to listen to stories. Be it a fictional one or based on real-life experience. They always learn something from the story. So if you provide them with your own life stories then they will feel more connected towards you. They will build confidence in you. And moreover, if you tell them your kindergarten stories they will take going to the playschool normally as they will think their parents also went for the same.

Encourage Independence and self-care

At home, you used to take care of your baby 24×7. But while in kindergarten a child needs to take care of themselves to a certain extent. Teachers are there to look after them but they are also engaged in many activities. So you need to inculcate the habit of self-care in your child. You should start making them learn how to get dressed, how to eat and drink and many more daily related tasks. Parents shall also make their children learn how to follow instructions.

Figure out the logistics ahead of time

Before the school starts it’s a duty of a parent to find out about things like bell times, drop off and parking procedures and unique code words if your child is being picked up by someone else. You need to prepare the routine of your child in a way that is both healthy and fruitful.

Tell your child what to expect from the preschool

It’s very important to tell your children that what they will be doing at the schools, how the teachers are going to teach them or overall what it’s like to be in kindergarten. So nothing comes as shock to your children.

This way the journey of the kindergarten for you and your tiny tots will become the journey full of memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. There are so many schools but choose the best kindergarten school in Gurgaon.