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Procedure For Trademark Registration In India

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A business comes with several procedures and formalities. In order to start with a business and sustain it, a lot of care has to be taken for it to stay clear of any legal notices and complications. To start with, after you have conceptualized your business and have made some business goals. But, for a business to really do well in terms of popularity and revenue, awareness and a legally sound reputation counts to a huge deal. Hence, the first and foremost thing you need to do while starting a business should be getting a trademark. A trademark is a very often misunderstood term in common words and it is used incorrectly several times. A trademark is a sign or symbol that is used to represent your brand or business. It can be graphically shown in the form of a logo or a signature. Trademarks can be registered as well. The registration is crucial as a legally registered trademark prevents anyone from using your name, logo or signature.

Trademarks are gaining customer attention as they are keenly observing what products are available in the market. Being able to represent your business with a trademark adds credibility and makes customers trust the brand more. Let us talk about why trademark registration is important.

Reasons why you should have a Trademark:

  • They are an important communication tool. When people look at a symbol, they should be able to identify it as your brand. This is the kind of impact your trademark can do. Invest on it. People will identify by shape, font and colours.

  • It increases visibility: A trademark can help your customers find you. This in turn could lead to a sale or a prominent conversion.

  • It gives you individuality. If your trademark is registered, no one can take that away from you.

  • They do not expire. Once registered, your trademark is all yours.

  • They can add value to your business. It safeguards your shares in the market and you can give out franchisees.

In this article, you can also learn about how to get trademark registration in India and the trademark registration cost along with some details to go with.

  1. Trademark registration in India starts with a search. You need to make sure that what you have planned does not exist under someone else’s name.

  2. Get a trademark application form for Rs. 3500/-. This is a onetime investment.

  3. Register your trademark name through manual or e-filling. You can get trademark registration in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and several other places in the country.

  4. The form is then verified with the Registrar and it normally takes 15-10 days.

  5. It is then published in the India Trademark Journals.

  6. Finally, your trademark registration certificate is issued.

Now that you know how to get a trademark registration in India, don’t wait to get yourself one. Trademark registration costs are limited to the process. So, get started and give your business a unique identity!