Racism Is All Around Us

Racism Is All Around Us

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It is said that we are all living at the end of times, which the world has progressed to its fullest capability. Yet certain things have not changed much despite the number of centuries that have passed since the beginning of times. One such thing is racism. Despite all the protests, the public raging, the pleading, etc., racism is something that is still seen on a daily basis. What’s truly saddening is that when bystanders watch someone being bullied because of their race, there aren’t a lot of them that would come defend the victim. They would rather watch the show.

However, although the above-mentioned instance is seen daily, this in no way means that racism has not gone down. Back in the day, racism was even used as a reason to take someone’s life and it was acceptable. Today, however, this is impossible to even think of. But that doesn’t mean people won’t be unfair or that they will still be nice when no one’s looking. In fact, racism against African-Americans is still the social norm in the U.S.


Among the several different cases that one can pick to testify to the fact that racism still exists, there was one particular case which never really made the headlines for a long time. This case was of Jason Washington, who was the only African-American cannabis operator in Montana in 2011. Jason has had an array of business accomplishments, along with the time he spent as the Quarterback at the University of Montana.

Jason was the founder of the largest operation in the state for medical marijuana, called Big Sky Health. Jason believes that the main reason why a case was even made against him has a lot to do with the fact that he is African American and not white. Although he served time in Federal prison, Jason was a state-licensed provider and a victim of the state vs. fed battle which existed pertaining to medical marijuana.

However, this is neither the most jaw-dropping nor the most horrendous case that an African American has been targeted for. The most horrific cases revolve around the incident that took place in the states called 9/11. A lot of people from any race but pure Americans were arrested and tortured to extremely gruesome extents. Although the entire world has come a long way from that time, it is true that racism certainly does still exist around us.

Additionally, there are very few instances that have been mentioned in this blog but it is important to understand that when it comes to racism, nobody should partake in that. Not only are you actively hurting another person who has emotions and feelings, but you are also hurting yourself by letting negative feelings and thoughts take a toll on you. Eventually, it will not seem morally incorrect to you. With the world having come so far, racism should definitely see the end of it already in order for there to be peace and love around us.