Reasons To Be A Part Of A Church – What You Need To Know

Reasons To Be A Part Of A Church – What You Need To Know

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It is the belief that every Christian should be an active member of the church. To develop discernment, it is important to understand the importance of being a faithful member of a Bible-teaching church. Recently the study has implemented the fact that only fewer percentage of people or the British people go to the church while the rest just consider themselves to be Christians. Same for the US data, the statistics say that only 40 percent of the people visit the church weekly and the rest of the people have limited their visit to the church only to attend holidays, weddings and funerals.

Being a part of a Westside Family Church is a blessing and is the attainment of peace from the everyday chores of the busy life. Here are the top reasons which state the importance of being part of a church –

  1. Visiting a church or being a part of the faithful member of the church makes it evident of being a Christian. The negative feelings tend to fly away and there will still be a place for faith and hope. Hebrews wordsmith have quoted that the main pathway to help and heal the pessimistic heart is to lead them to the “fall away from the living God” is to exhort one another.
  2. A person should not feel the extreme need to join a church in order to be getting away from the factor that he would be cursed and will not be saved. People who are inhabited by the holy spirit will gradually have the attraction towards other people who are also Christians. It comes from within, a desire and the humbleness to be with them, learn from them and serve them. A person never becomes a true Christain if he is just loyal towards Christ but his other believers. This states that regular presence and participation in a local church can tend to instill enthusiasm and a feeling of belonging where the believers have true faith in God, where he is the ultimate to assure that everyone is safe, healthy and pure.
  3. Kind, collaborative and humble efforts have always bored the sweetest fruits. The history f the church states that great people have taken a step forward and risked it to perform great things on their own which has become successful. To reach the gospel message of Jesus Christ, there should be an active participation in combined and collaborative and humble efforts with the other believers.
  4. To bring the Glory of God it is the duty of the person to understand the way they lead their lives. God is highly regarded and feels respected when everyone is obedient to him. He is praised, idolized and worshipped when truly faithful people unite together in kindness and harmony to seek assurance, preach the world, to expose the theory of false gospels and edifying each other. God is always praised and worshipped in and around the Westside Family Church.

The beauty and the tranquility one faces by being an active member of the church can bring back the lost humanity in one another. There is so much to learn from the Bible. It needs the simples of the efforts to be true to one’s own self and have faith in the Lord.