Sales Strategies For Junior Account Executives

Sales Strategies For Junior Account Executives

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Have you just landed a position as an Account Executive? Sales and business development can be an exciting career. With a constantly changing landscape of clients, prospective clients and new products, a successful account executive with stay abreast of new sales techniques, product developments, market trends and competition. Follow these recommendations from successful account executive to ensure your career is launched for success.

For those joining the sales ranks of large companies, more often than not there is an extensive on boarding and training process both in sales practices as well as product features and benefits. Take advantage of these training sessions to develop your skills. For those joining smaller companies without extensive training programs, it will be critical to develop strong relationships with senior account executives to learn from mentors as well as seeking out available sales training programs on the market in your area.

After you have developed a strong understanding of the product and your company’s delivery processes, begin to hone your prospecting skills. How will you uncover and convert qualified prospects in your market? Identify your demographic if you’re selling to individuals or the enterprises that can most benefit from your company’s products and services. Prior to setting your first appointment to meet with a prospect, be confident in your presentation and message. No matter how well you know your product, the value it may add to a prospect’s company and competitive pricing or benefits, remind yourself that people only do business with those that they trust.  Commit to conducting your business with the utmost integrity. Do not make promises that you cannot deliver on. when mistakes happen, and they will, communicate promptly with clients to let them know the solutions you’re undertaking and keep them apprised throughout the process.

Finally, put your best foot forward. While the most important things to wear everyday are a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence, professional attire is a must. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the huge assortment of professional style available from Nordstrom. Leave the loud prints and excess bling for the weekends. Best of luck on a successful start to your new career in sales.