Showcase The Beauty Of Concrete

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Nothing is more inviting to your guests and customers like the beauty of a natural concrete driveway, walkway or paved path. This easily maintained hardscaping solution provides functionality and skid-resistant comfort for everyone.

Explore the many ways this unique alternative to plain concrete surfaces can add to the beauty and functionality of your residential or commercial property. You’ll enjoy the many choices of colour, enhancements available and other unique properties when making this choice. Learn about eye-catching stamping and border options to further individualize this affordable look.

Showcase The Beauty Of Concrete

Affordable and Attractive Paving Options

Repaving your business or residential property doesn’t have to be overly expensive or plain. With the affordable option of exposed aggregate in Melbourne, choosing this modern surface option with its many choices is sure to please. This type of concrete allows you to choose from a wide variety of textures and colours for endless combinations. Its affordability stems from the fact that other than the material needed to create the mix, finishing tools and forming are the only other requirements to ensure its installation.

There are many choices when choosing the stones added to this versatile concrete mix. There are more expensive varieties available if you choose, but you can find several affordable options that are quite stunning in appearance. You will want to take the time to look at the choices related to the stone size and gradation, shape, durability and cost. In addition, choosing a locally produced stone can greatly reduce the cost of your paving project.

While traditional mixes of this type of concrete often contain stones such as limestone, quartz or granite, other non-traditional objects can be seeded into the mix. Utilizing coloured glass that has been recycled or even seashells can add a unique touch to the final appearance. Integrating unique divider patterns will also enhance the look and strength of your final product.

Ensure the Comfort of Your Guests

Consider this type of paving surface when putting the finishing touches on the area surrounding your pool. Adding a concrete surface rich with polished stones will provide a comfortable and slip-resistant area for your guests to walk. You will be able to find several colour combinations and stone selections that will enhance the look of your pool area.

Improve the comfort of your visitors when enjoying the garden pathways at your home or business. Providing attractive and comfortable walkways with this type of paving is a unique way to add a stunning contrast to your garden. Installing a pathway including a variety of coloured stones allow your guests to get up close and personal with your gardening successes.

You, your family and visitors will appreciate the comfort of walking and parking on this unique surface. Making a dash in the rain is no longer a slipping risk when you choose this rugged and slip-resistant surface. Children will also love this surface for playing and you won’t have to worry about deterioration with the advanced sealing process that keeps your concrete looking brand new for years to come.