Small and Useful: 10 Best Minivans for Business Needs

Small and Useful: 10 Best Minivans for Business Needs

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The success of a business can depend on many factors, and the correct choice of a car takes not the last place among them. Most small companies or private entrepreneurs need a car that will perform universal functions. After all, this car should combine enough space to carry cargo, as well as the ability to provide a comfortable trip for people. In this review, we present 7 minivans which will be an ideal solution for business. By the way, you can click here to rent minivan wherever you need it.

Renault Traffic

Renault Trafic 2014 - Double Cab Luxury

All new versions of the Renault Traffic deserve recommendations for use in business due to the unprecedented carrying capacity of this model. Even the standard basic version of the van easily transports 3 EUR-pallets with the size of 1200x800mm. Of course, the cabin is also very comfortable and perfectly suited even for the longest trips. 

Ford Transit


Transit is a super powerful minivan from Ford. It’s highly appreciated thanks to reliable settings and excellent features. It also has excellent safety capabilities that have received 5 stars in the World Safety rating. By the way, in the most standard model, there’s plenty of cargo space inside, so Transit is ideal for any task that uses minivans for delivery or logistics. An important factor is the 1.25l diesel engine, which is quite economical in terms of fuel consumption. 

Nissan NV200

At first sight, the minivan looks quite small, but NV200 model boasts of a large interior and simplified loading/unloading of cargo. Reliable 1.6-liter diesel power units with the power of 87-112 hps make this model an ideal choice for businessmen who are thinking about saving fuel.

Vauxhall Vivaro

Plymouth Community Homes WF08CTZ

This car, which was completely manufactured in the UK, in many respects is simply the most popular in the segment of medium-sized vans. It impresses with the large interior space and comfortable driving on any road surface. The driver’s interior is fully-equipped, and Vivaro is distinguished by the fact that it’s produced with a variety of engine types. Therefore, it’s well customizable according to personal needs of the driver and the purpose of the car.

Mercedes-Benz Vito

Mercedes-Benz Vito 113 CDI

Recently, Mercedes-Benz has updated the already popular Vito model to offer buyers an even more spacious vehicle. Vito can be found in most of the lists of the best business cars because of its quality assembly and the ideal comfort for a long trip.

Due to the rich optional equipment the price for this car is not cheap. The disadvantage of Mercedes-Benz Vito is the poor engine capacity, which doesn’t provide the sufficient dynamics.

Citroen Dispatch

Citroen Dispatch Van

Dispatch has gained a great success among small businesses due to its large luggage compartment and a fairly democratic price. Even the cheapest version of this model can accommodate up to 4.9 cubic meters of cargo. In addition, there are 2 sliding doors for easy loading/unloading of different goods. The only disadvantage is a small interior space, which lacks enough comfort. 

Toyota Proace

Toyota Proace 2013.

World auto experts consider this model to be an ‘overloaded Citroen Dispatch’, but this fact doesn’t make this car ineffective for business needs. At first, it’s worth mentioning a large load capacity, beautiful reliability rating and 5 years or 160,000 kilometers of Toyota factory warranty.

Toyota Proace is supplied with a wide selection of useful functions to make it convenient for comfortable driving and everyday use. The air conditioner and 2 separate sliding side doors provide incredibly convenient loading. 

Peugeot Expert

The car is offered in 3 different versions. The basic version is a compact model, which can accommodate two 4,600mm-long trays. The cabin of Peugeot Expert is greatly outfitted, features enough space for long-distance trips, and the car engine is quite money-saving.

Volkswagen Transporter T6

Volkswagen T6 Transporter

In fact, this is an updated version of the Transporter T5, and, of course, it doesn’t deserve the proud name of the “new model”. However, when we speak about comfort of driving, the Volkswagen T6 is what businessmen need. In addition to unrivaled driving comfort, the car is assembled with a modern diesel power unit and a spacious interior.

Fiat Scudo


This Italian minivan is quite similar to Ford Transit and still occupies one of the top places in the middle class category. The minivan features a very attractive price, and also offers excellent driving comfort and pretty great luggage space. Scudo remains the universal choice among medium-sized vans due to the load compartment, which easily accommodates over 4.7 cubic meters of cargo.

What’s more, the car works perfectly even when fully loaded. Unfortunately, there’s a small engine volume and frankly scant space in the cabin at full load, which makes long-distance trips tedious.

Cars that are created to help in business turn out to be great representatives of the modern car industry. However, the minivans described above can be chosen not only by businessmen and company owners. Nowadays, such cars are quite popular solution for traveling and a universal assistant for any task.