Small Steps To A Warmer Home And Cheaper Energy Bills

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Energy prices have been creeping up and up. On top of this is the fact that the traditional means of generating fuel are running out; experts suggest that energy generated by burning fossil fuels – natural gas, oil and coal – will be all but diminished in 50 years’ time.

For this reason, all homeowners, tenants and landlords are looking further at everything that can offer them increased energy efficiency!

There are a variety of ways to increase energy efficiency of a property, one being wall and roof coating, two products that more people are investing in. So what can they offer you?

The Roof

Waterproof and insulating, a product used as a roof coating can create an effective thermal barrier, helping to prevent heat loss from your home or business premises. Technology, as we all know, moves on at a rapid pace and a roof coating of this nature is far more than just a paint. In fact, various manufacturing companies of such roof coatings offer a minimum 10 year guarantee, so confident in the abilities of their product.

Both protective and durable, the coating will contribute to the energy efficiency of your property by not only plugging small, almost unseen and invisible gaps but also adding an extra layer on the roof.

Small Steps To A Warmer Home And Cheaper Energy Bills

If Coating your Roof isn’t enough, take a Look at your Walls too!

Wrapping your home up in an extra layer will increase its energy efficiency, as well as reducing your carbon footprint and the amount of your hard-earned cash you spend on heating bills too. But wall coatings also have some much needed and welcomed additional benefits including:

  • A pleasing appearance for the exterior of your property – this goes for roof coatings too. Available in a range of popular and desirable colours, wall coatings can give your home welcome ‘kerb appeal’
  • Self-cleaning – many of the products on the market today offer the ability to stay cleaner for longer. This is due to the technology which is used to create and develop the product for properties, making it suitable for all types and styles of properties.
  • Helps with interior damp or condensation issues – wall coatings add an extra, water repellent coating to the exterior of your property, meaning that water has no opportunity to penetrate into your building. Some customers find that this solves their damp and condensation problems! However, it is important that you have a thorough assessment to ensure that any damp problems are not as a result of damp course problems.
  • Breathable – but don’t worry if you think that this will mean your home is too wrapped up, with no ventilation! Wall coatings, despite being ‘hydrophobic’ (stop water penetrating the walls) is breathable.
  • Durability – the great thing about wall coating products is that it lasts much longer than ordinary paint, on average coatings last in tip-top condition for 20 to 25 years.

Many companies offering wall and roof coatings are so confident in the products they use, they offer a 10 year guarantee (more in some cases). It really is worth taking a second look at these great products as they offer so much more.

Knowing where to start to save home energy is mind boggling, especially with so much infomraqtion about saving energy being thrown at you. Well hopefully Matt Glover, Partner at Roof Coating Specialists, has managed to provide an informative insight on some an effective starting point.