Social Collaboration In The Cloud

5 mins read

Collaboration with like-minded experts is the key to innovation these days. Cloud technology is offering cheaper, effective as well as relevant platform to the developers for getting more ideas as well as a validation to their thinking process. Affordability is the finest factor that makes social collaboration a big hit among the developers. They can refer to the xendesktop pricing to get the platform-as-a-service and make social collaboration a tool in the development process. Apart from the affordability, the developers now have the advantage of more sharing and learning and bring attention to their product and services in return. Social collaboration does all this and is making the whole process of research and development a bit of promotional activity too.

Social Collaboration does Make Research and Development Interesting

Knowledge multiplies when shared – this thought seems to be the idea behind social collaboration. Now, brainstorming is not about whispering to one another’s ears; it has gone beyond the cubicles. The added security cover provided by the cloud technology makes the collaborative aspect of research and development relevant as well as sensible. Now, the development stuff can be taken to Sharepoint in the cloud where the exchange of information becomes faster, wider as well as leak-proof. You can ask any member of your team anywhere across the globe to join you in the discussion or share drafts with you. It is just cutting down the travelling time, communication cost as well as response time to bare minimum. This is what you can say about how social collaboration is spicing up the research and development.

Share and Collaborate while on the go

Ideas need not wait for the clock to strike 10 am to come to form with social collaboration in the cloud. Developers can now log on to to talk to the teammates and have quality brainstorming and discussion. Office timings are eaten up mostly by meetings and update sharing; whether you accept it or not – it is a cruel reality of office life. So, when you want to discuss at leisure and after mutual discussion find a suitable time for collaboration and discussions, you can find SharePoint kind of stuff handy enough for the job. After all, mighty creations take time and time well spent in meaty discussion is the time best used. So, cloud based desktops, email exchange tools and document sharing stuffs have brought the convenience into the process of development. Projects are seeing the light of the day in record number of time – a major thanks to cloud based infrastructure!

An Office Away from the Office

Creativity, as mentioned earlier, cannot be restricted to 8 hours of the day. You need to travel for business meetings, meet loved ones to fulfill social obligations and sometimes, just unwind at a place away from the office. But, all these things cannot come in the way of project delivery on time. Simply, install an office 365 kiosk and get a permanent office at your disposal whenever you want. There are always your ‘me’ times available to you no matter how hard you want to party. And, if that ‘me’ time you want to invest in evolving yourself as a developer, the cloud can help you. Essentially speaking, there are creative teams, start-ups and program managers who find solace in the cloud and bring extra-ordinary to the audience with the help of online social collaborations.

Make Communication Tools More Meaningful

If you have email accounts, you are privileged to have online communication. And, if you have email accounts, you are easy target for the spammers too. Can an email account flooded with irrelevant mails help you in keeping your mind productive? A big NO. Cloud services can help you filter the spams and become more focused on the content that you need for getting your job done. You can streamline your communications and make the team available in real sense without getting asphyxiated from the loads of unnecessary mails.

Social collaboration in the cloud can now be seen as a necessity rather than a luxury. You are saving on the resource pool, saving on the time as well as saving on the energy and invest them in something meaningful with the help of clouds.