Steps To Take Before Buying A Solar Power System

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Acquiring a solar power system is the first big step to controlling energy production and usage. With solar technology, you look to reap a lot of benefits both at home and your place of business. However, you have to take note that this is a big investment you are making. And with every major investment come risks and precautions. You need to take precautions that will reduce the risks to the minimum level possible.Below are steps to take to ensure you don’t end up suffering losses in the long run.

  • Verify the Qualifications of Your Vendor

Before you decide to buy a solar system, you have unique needs you want met. So the first thing in mind is someone who is able to provide that, such as C-TEC Solar in Connecticut. First, consider your prospective vendor’s work record. Do they have a portfolio to share with you? What do past customers say about their service? After meeting the company and going through the consultation process, you need to get back and think about the level of confidence you have that the organization will do a good job. If you didn’t get all of your questions answered then there could be concerned that the company will not deliver a quality end solution. You will want to make sure to consult a variety of vendors and compare the qualities as you continue through the next steps.

Steps To Take Before Buying A Solar Power System

  • Know the Total Cost and What It Includes

Ask to be given a cost and responsibility accounting of the total sum in the estimate. Check to make sure that the vendor states clearly that the total estimated cost covers full turnkey installation: costs, permits and all related tasks.

  • Check and Analyze the Performance Projections

There are several factors that will be considered during projected performance calculation. Obtain documents that contain:

  • Total cost estimates.
  • Approximate useful life of the solar panels.
  • Potential costs for replacement.
  • Energy production of the system.
  • Use the Proper Tools for Site Selection

A competent vendor will help you determine an appropriate location for the system installation as well as the industry standard tools to use. The selected site should not have any shading or possibility of tree leaves or branches covering up the panes. Also, you will want to consider talking to neighbors since you may need to remove trees before implementation.

  • Cut Down the Installation Risk

The next step is determining all the services your vendor provides in-house. If they subcontract any of the services then you need to know and assess the capability of the installer or electricianassigned to the job.   Final Word Vendor qualifications, the cost and what it covers, the functionality of the system and site selection tools are all important factors to consider before buying the system. Before you sign, you also need to look for some things such as insurance coverage and warranty policies. You also need to confirm with your bank just to be sure. All this is as an attempt to cut the risk involved with acquiring the system. The team at C-TEC Solar in Connecticut is comprised of professionals who have been in the industry long enough. Visit them today to see for yourself. The will offer expert advice and guide you through the whole process as you research the options.