Studying Abroad In New Zealand

Studying Abroad In New Zealand

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Travelling abroad to study can prove an exciting experience for any student, regardless of their field of study or country of origin. It is, after all, the best time of life to experience new ways of living, create fruitful friendships and expand your horizon. New Zealand is said to be one of the best destinations to start or complete your college education. The country is known for its spectacular scenery, splendid nature, and welcoming people. Students can explore and venture into the exciting wilderness, the wonderful mountains or go to the numerous entertainment venues such as cafes, theaters, restaurants or pubs. After all, it’s well known that Kiwis are some of the kindest people around.

Students can choose from a wide range of universities and colleges in New Zealand, offering multiple fields of studies, from arts and history, to medical sciences or technical specialties. The courses are easy to follow and they are, obviously, taught in English, so the culture shock will be minimal. However, the education system is a little different when compared to the UK or USA systems. The professors are somewhat more distant and you will not be burdened with a lot of courses, homework and special assignments. Instead, a lot of New Zealand students focus on independent study. There’s plenty of resources for getting all the material you need, from the Internet, local library or even sites like Jekkle or Zookal who specialize in renting affordable textbooks.

Home assignments are few and students should only feel somewhat under strain during the exam periods. The only grades are given during this short period and the whole semester is essentially a perfect time to learn new exciting things and form friendships. The vacations, on the other hand are perfect times to explore the countryside, the jaw dropping scenery and the unique native traditions, which are famous worldwide. Also, some students choose vacations as a time to go back to their home countries. As such, renting a storage unit for this period proves necessary and many self storage companies provide this service for free to foreign students.

So, which are some of the best universities in New Zealand for a foreign student? When choosing a university in New Zealand you should definitely have Massey University on your short list. Located near the country’s capital, Wellington, it is one of the largest universities in New Zealand. It has an enrollment of approximately 35,000 students, of which 3,000 are foreign students coming from 100 countries. The International Student Support center is helpful with foreign students, and can offer assistance in finding accommodation and other services.

They also plan get-together parties and trips for foreign students to help them accommodate with the campus and setting. The university offers a diverse choice of courses, such as engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, design media, electronics, finance, linguistics, music and women’s studies. It also features courses that relate to New Zealand’s culture, such as Maori classes and Maori creative practices, where students can learn about the local traditions and art.

Another great university for a foreign student is the University of Auckland, located in the heart of the city. Auckland is a paradise for nature lovers and is packed with thrills and venues perfect for student life. Simply put, this city is the perfect setting for study and fun, and students will surely thrive both in the classroom, as well as outdoors. The university has a diverse set of courses, ranging from arts, commerce and dance, right to medicine, science, technology and religion.

Whatever your choice, picking New Zealand for your college studies is a great choice, as it will allow you to explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world, make friends for a lifetime, as well as offer you a lot of options you can choose from that will contribute to your academic development.