Successful Start Of A New Actress In Hollywood: Katerina Vlasenko

Successful Start Of A New Actress In Hollywood: Katerina Vlasenko

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What brings you to become an actress?

  • From my childhood I was on stage, my first lead roles was in a kindergarten. Than I became a part of a dance group, I danced ballet, performed for 6 years. Of course when I was a teenager it seemed not cool to dance ballet and I became a model. I was a very successful model in my city and that led me to founded my own modeling agency. But when I was a businesswoman I missed a feeling, you know this feeling before going on stage. And I decided to become an actress.

Successful Start Of A New Actress In Hollywood: Katerina Vlasenko

It’s a long journey. Where did you study acting?

  • I studied in my city in Ukraine in a film school. While studying I filmed two short films, both of them won awards at national film festivals. Also I took acting workshops with a teacher who had been working in America for many years. He showed me what improvisation is and how American acting techniques are different from classic Stanislavsky. When I moved to Los Angeles I continued my education at Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory, where I studied Meisner, Stella Adler, Uda Hagen, Lee Strasberg techniques.

What actors inspire you?

  • There are so many of them. I’d say Anthony Hopkins, he’s a brilliant actor. I met him on set of a TV show Westworld, where I was featured, and I remember how I observed his every move, cause he’s a legend. And Jennifer Lawrence, she is incredibly talented and very charismatic. I hope one day I’ll work with her.

You moved to LA just 1,5 years ago and have already been on set with Anthony Hopkins, that’s impressive! What else have you achieved already?

  • I starred in a web project that viewed more than 250 thousand people, it was my first acting gig in LA. I filmed in 8 music videos, several commercials, two short films and performed on stage in 4 different plays.

What  are your future goals?

  • I’m a very ambitious person. One of my goals is to be a series regular on a TV show.

Do you have any advice to aspiring actors?

  • Don’t be afraid to try. You can achieve whatever you want, just don’t be lazy and do what you need to do.

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