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Ten advanced gadgets for a traveler

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People gladly welcome the development of technologies and the variety of different gadgets, because “smart” devices are created to facilitate the solution of everyday tasks and to simplify our lives. Technologies help us at home, in the office, on the way to work, on a walk, on a picnic – everywhere! Different gadgets help travelers and tourists, along with the mobile applications. The example of such applications is Rental24H, which makes the process of car rental easier, no matter the country you travel to!

We offer the list of 10 most advanced gadgets, which will serve the judicious travelers for a long time.

For a restful sleep: the ‘Travel Sleep Sound Machine’ sound device

This is an unusual watch with 17 therapeutic sound effects, which helps to calm down even the loudest fellow traveler, who has gone through a long, difficult day. There are four more types of signals. If you do not like any of them, you can use the recording function and create your own. Yes, now mobile phones have the same function, but on a trip, it often happens that the battery is discharged at the most inopportune moment. ‘Travel Sleep Sound Machine’ works from batteries, which will help not to oversleep the flight and thereby save a lot of money.

For those, who fly frequently: ‘PocketFinder’

There is an opinion that the more a person travels, the more chances he or she has to lose luggage. Fortunately, now we have GPS technology, which allows, among other things, to track the location of suitcases. ‘PocketFinder’ is a small GPS-sensor, placed on the bag for later monitoring of luggage using a laptop or smartphone. The service charges a monthly subscription fee, but this is worth it – compared to the costs of finding your business case.

"Please report any unattended luggage."

A multifunctional ‘Victorinox Presentation Master Swiss Army Knife’

For those who often hold presentations, the laser pointer is the best friend. The Victorinox brand took this moment into account, including the laser pointer in the toolbox, along with a flash drive for 128 GB. Are you afraid that your precious data will fall into the hands of strangers? In this case, the gadget is equipped with a biometric sensor for reading fingerprints. The ability to remove the blade of the knife allows you to take a set on the aircraft.

For foreign tourists: ‘Lingo Navigator’ audio translator (12 languages)

Always dreamed of a personal interpreter to eliminate the language barrier? Lingvo Navigator “speaks” 12 languages, including – English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and German. For those who learn the language, this gadget is a real treasure, helping to improve the pronunciation and perception of speech by ear. Among the functions of the device are also reminders for travelers, night-light and a currency converter.

For those who have many things: digital scales ‘Balanzza Ergo Digital Luggage Scale’

There is nothing worse than during a check-in for a flight to hear from an airport employee that the baggage weighs more than the established limit. If the feeling of vexation that occurs in such cases is well known to you, portable luggage scales are what you need to save time and money by reducing the weight of suitcases. The scales allow you to weigh bags weighing up to 45 kg. Sometimes you want sometimes to put in luggage, but for the money that you save on baggage charges, it is quite possible to buy yourself the same thing already in place.

Wireless  headphones

What for to be entangled in wires if there is an opportunity to do without them? New headphones from Sony provide excellent stereo music. The ideal solution for those, who want to just turn on their mp3 player and forget about it. The microphone and the on / off function of the phone allow you to receive calls. The headphones also remove the echo and reduce noise.

Multifunctional Swiss knife

The inventors of the giant ‘Wenger’ knife decided to outperform the classic tool, which for many became a synonym for the word “universality”. For about two and a half thousand dollars, we are offered a super-multi-tool, the number of sliding parts of which is crazy – the tool is more like a dozen Swiss knives stacked in a pile. There are the blades, screwdrivers, carbines, saws, pliers, clamps, drills, chisels and much more. The only disadvantage of this device is that it weighs more than a kilogram, and it takes up a lot of space in the backpack.

‘SOLARBAG SB-285’ backpack with solar battery

The stylish backpack is equipped with a drinking system with a 2-liter reservoir and a 6.0 volt solar panel. A well-thought-out fastening system includes soft adjustable straps and a belt clip. High-quality and durable materials provide high resistance to deterioration. Built-in solar panel allows you to recharge gadgets powered by 5V (smart phones, video cameras, pads, etc.) in the field. This backpack is characterized by an integrated system of fasteners, which is typical for more expensive tourist models. Soft adjustable straps have a tightening fastening on the chest, which helps to fix the backpack securely.

‘MASTERLOCK SAFE SPACE’ portable beach safe for holidays

It is an ideal solution for storing valuables, documents, money, and portable electronics during a trip, sports and fitness, during beach recreation and outdoors. It’s no secret that a safe for the beach will be useful the same way for a hotel room – not always hotel safes and locks can be reliable. This portable safe is made of shockproof waterproof plastic and is equipped with a combination lock with a reliable metal cable that can be fastened to hard furniture, beach umbrella, armchair, and so on. Thus, a portable beach safe for tourists provides absolute peace and security for your holiday and a pleasant journey will not be overshadowed.

Camping coffee pot

The ‘Coleman QuickPot’ looks like an ordinary coffee machine, the difference is that it works on propane and is designed for outdoor picnics. The machine loads ground coffee and water, and then the gadget will do everything by itself with the help of gas.

Nowadays, you can buy various touristic and camping gadgets. It is only up to you, which is the most useful and affordable, depending on a type and durability of your trip. However, all of them are making a traveler’s life easier.