The education system in England

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The education system of England is the world known system. It also has the most popular schools, colleges, and Universities in the world. The system of education in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland have continued to expand in the present years and Scotland has its own system of qualification. But the system of other above countries has some similarities. According to the review, they have their own dissimilarities.

School system in England

There is a range of schools in England and they all are managed in their own different way. According to legislation, the child must be fully in the track of education in his fifth birthday. Mostly students in England start their schooling 4-year-old. Recently the European families in the economic area are also allowed to the free education in the state.

Independent Schools

Independent schools in England charge fees more than receiving the fund from the government because these schools do not follow the curriculum which is followed by all national schools. The independent school must be registered with the government. While it is a clear advantage of the education of England that it is free. People think that the independent education system is worth the expense. The small size class is the clear attraction for gaining more contact with the class teacher and that’s why they achieve higher grades more than they would get in-state school.

The Academic year

The academic year in England starts from the September 1 and end to August 31 and its divided into three semesters and each has 12 weeks. There are two weeks of holiday for Easter and two weeks for the Christmas and six weeks holiday for summer and in spite of all each semester have its week holidays. So, after the estimation, there is total of 39 weeks in each academic year.

International Schools

There is also range of international schools in England. While this is the vice choice of foreigners families which are relocating on abroad. There are many famous families in England whose children have attended classes in international schools. An international school charge fees, and they enrolled students by their previous school records.


Nursery on England begins from the third birthday of the many students’ start their nursing while they were two years old by their parents’ expenditure. Between three to four years age children allowed to spend 570 hours of the childcare in their early education and this education is free by the government. If both parents are working then they allow to 30 hours free childcare.

Starting School

After nursing, students enrolled in the Free State school at the age of four and the new session starts in September. It means that the children who born in September definitely will be nearly five. But those children who born in August will not turn to the five until it ends the first year of its school.

Secondary School

Secondary schooling is starting from at the age of seven. According to law, the children must spend full time in education until it became sixteen years then after this the children must remain two years for training until they become eighteen. Mostly secondary schools have co-education and some are single-sex secondary schools. Many secondary schools offer the students to remain to stay in their school for more two years to get International Baccalaureate and the A level study. According to law, the student in England must remain in full-time education and enrol in the traineeship and also it must do part-time work minimum twenty hours a week during education and training.

Securing the Place

Sometimes the places at the state schools are problematic to secure and it may be stressful for parents. The non-grammars schools usually give on whether the siblings of a child already at the school. Then the parents think that how far they live for the school that’s why they think that will move their house to the secure place at what they think to be a better school. Better choice of school plays an important role in child life sometimes parents will move to the secure place then they come back to the place where once the child started at the chosen school. Now newlyweds couples decide to buy their first home which is near to the popular schools. The decision of moving the place before the child secondary education, the main reason for their decision is the choice of school that they want to learn their child by their choice. And how will be examined and what the qualification of the child will be awarded at the end of the school.

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