The Growing Appeal Of Internet Radio

The Growing Appeal Of Internet Radio

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Remember a time when the only radio stations you could listen to were the ones within range of your radio’s antennae? When traveling to a different city meant losing access to your favourite stations? Not anymore! Those days are gone. Since the birth of internet radio stations like the way we listen to music has changed forever.

These days, people are always on the move. We travel, we work, we play – we lead busy lives. One thing remains constant, however: We are almost always connected to the Internet, whether from our computers or phones or tablets. That’s why Internet radio is so popular. It allows us to stay on the move and keep up with our busy lives while at the same time taking our favourite tunes and radio personalities along with us. Just as many of us now watch our favourite TV shows online, we have also taken to the online airwaves to satisfy our love of music.

The Growing Appeal Of Internet Radio

The benefits of Internet radio are many. First, the same stations can be access from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Contrast that to the typical transmission range of a traditional radio station (which is about 100 miles or so) and it’s easy to see the appeal. Next, Internet radio isn’t subject to any geographic boundaries like traditional stations are. In other words, an Atlanta radio station probably won’t come in clearly in other parts of Georgia, but an Atlanta Internet radio station can be listen to anywhere in the world.

Internet radio also has a visual aspect that traditional radio can’t deliver. Internet radio stations broadcast from websites, which means they can appeal to visitors (listeners) with visual content as well such as photos, videos, contest information, concert listings, a “what’s coming up next” ticker, and more. Internet radio is truly a multimedia experience.

From the standpoint of the radio station itself, broadcasing online is an affordable option. It costs much less to go online than it does to broadcast from a land radio station. Also, Internet radio is ideally suited for stations that want to appeal to a particular niche market, whereas traditional radio stations need to cast a wider net in order to appeal to the largest amount of people. The more listeners they have, the more profitable the station will be. Remember: Radio stations are businesses.

So, the advantages of Internet are: variety in choice, added multimedia content, worldwide accessibility, niche market appeal and affordability for the broadcast company itself. Online radio stations are also portable and convenient, allowing you to take your favourite tunes with you no matter where your busy, fast-paced life takes you. If you’ve never listened to the “radio” online, give it a try. A simple online search will garner quick results. And in fact, your favourite traditional radio station probably already has an online presence that allows you to listen to the station you love live online.