The growing trend and popularity of vehicle car detailing

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Cars provide the best form of travelling from one place to another. Traditionally the cars used to be big and bulky pieces of metal which used to need a large number of resources to run. But the rapid advancement in the automobile industry has given way to more sleek, stylish and fuel-efficient cars. There are several types of vehicles which are made to serve a particular purpose. A small car or sedan is best for a single person or family with two kids for daily commuting. A sports utility vehicle is ideal if the family as you go together for a picnic or an event. The large trucks and vans are more useful when a person or his family is going for a road trip and come across uneven terrain.

Cars are a necessity for every home and serve a lot of purposes. The modern cars have the most innovative systems when it comes to safety, comfort and style. But cars are machines that require constant repair and upgrades to ensure its functionality and usability. The exterior of the car is constantly exposed to different elements, which include heat, rain, dust, frost, and flying debris, which can cause dents and scratches. A car may come across a slight accident which can damage its body. Nobody likes to drive a faulty and dirty looking car, which breaks down quite often. One of the best options for a person is to perform car detailing also known as auto detailing which is an activity in which a vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, restored, and polished to enhance its looks and feel. The vehicle car detailing the UK is performed on both the exterior and interior of the car.

Vehicles are one of the most common modes of transportation, and there are several companies that offer complete repair, wash, and restoration of cars. The vehicle detailing is divided into two categories, namely exterior detailing and interior detailing.

The exterior detailing involves a wide range of tasks that restores or even exceeds the original condition of the car. The key components of the car’s exterior, which are cleaned and restored are wheels, chrome trim, windows, doors, and another visible part of the car. A variety of vehicle detailing products is used according to the make and model of the car. Some of the products used are detergents, acid-free degreasers (to remove dirt and soil), detail clay, waxes, polishes, and shines. The tools for restoring and cleaning are brushes and drying towels.

The interior is detailing consists of providing a thorough cleanup of the interior cabin of the car. The parts of the interior include in the cleaning process are upholstery, carpets, interior panels, and other materials. Vacuuming is a common step which is performed first to suck all the dust and dirt accumulated in the interior of the car. Steam cleaning is the next step in which stains and spots on the upholstery are removed. Brushes are used to apply the liquid and other foam chemicals.

One of the key components of vehicle detailing is repainting if the paint of the car is showing many signs of wear and tear. Three types of paint protection can be applied to the sedan, sports utility vehicle, and tucks and they are waxes, paint sealants and ceramic coatings.

  • Waxes

One of the natural and most common products needed and applied to bring a shine to the car’s exterior is a wax. The Carnauba wax is considered best as it gives a more deep, detailed, shiny and glossy finish.

  • Paint Sealant

The synthetic paint sealants are mostly used to enhance the effects and longevity of wax. A typical paint sealant may contain Carnauba wax and last up to several months

  • Ceramic coating

The ceramic coating products have ceramic nano particles that blend with the paint surface and provide a durable layer of protection. There are both consumer and professional grade ceramic coatings. The consumer grade is easy to apply but lasts for only a few months. The professional grade requires proper tools to apply it, and it lasts for a couple of years.

A car needs proper cleaning and washing every few days, but car detailing is necessary after every three to four weeks. The vehicle detailing allows even the minute part of the car to function optimally and add to the driving experience. The car detailing also helps to identify a small problem before it can do any damage which would require costly repairs and replacements. The companies that offer vehicle detailing the use of high-quality material and accessories which are essential to enhance the condition of the car. There are separate teams that work on exterior and interior detailing of the car. The teams use a microfiber cloth, brush the air vents, vacuum the carpets, lubricate the door hinges, change the wiper blades, cleaning the locks and polishing the dashboard.

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