The Importance of Recovery for Soccer Players

4 mins read

Playing soccer is hard work and there are many factors that determine the performance in soccer. Diligent work and consistent effort should yield more results. By adding more positives, you should be able to perform better. As an example, you need to do various physical trainings, such as mobility, power development, strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. How your body performs weekly training will have profound effects on your success. However, there are different ways we can do, so we will get better. There are various channels that can help you to achieve better things. One of the most important physical factors is recovery. You need to know what types of recovery that you can do.

Immediate recovery takes place between reps in the game and short term recovery takes places between sets. There’s also training recovery that takes place between practice sessions or matches. Recovery is a technical skill and it’s a good way to achieve the end result. If soccer players know how to perform recovery, they can become more effective and efficient. However, it takes dozens or even hundreds of repetitions, before you know how to do recovery properly. In fact, recovery is equally as important as stamina, strength, agility and speed for soccer players. Recovery is among the least discussed topics in soccer, but it’s essential in the training cycle. You need proper recovery, so you can get better and have more explosive movements.

However, you may eventually find your body is plateauing. If you push harder, the risk of injuries can be higher. When you are plateauing, it is important to avoid exceeding the physical capacity of your body. In this situation, you should find out how you can push further. It’s a common fact that overloading our body is good for improvement. However, overtraining will cause your body to break down and your performance will be impaired. If often see overtraining as too much training, but it can also be expressed as not recovering enough. If we can’t improve the rate of recovery, it’s not possible for us to achieve higher volumes of training, without incurring various negative factors, due to overtraining.

Stimulus, such as intense training, will result in stress and if it happens steadily, it’s not possible for our body to perform at the proper level. If we don’t have enough recovery, our body won’t be able to adapt and reach the original form. This situation is quite detrimental, especially if we perform training sessions throughout the week, which may lead up to competition. So, without proper recovery, your physical performance will degrade. Everyone should have the no-pain, no-gain mentality. Lack of recovery won’t only cause decline in performance, but also increase the risks of injury. Soccer players should be able to make progress by focusing on recovery. There are many recovery methods and habits that can performed individually or as a team. Recovery should be something that soccer players do religiously each day and incorporate into their daily activities, both in training and actual games.