The Influence Of Modern Marketing Techniques On Businesses

The Influence Of Modern Marketing Techniques On Businesses

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Every business organization in this world that has been running their operations are divided into different departments when it comes to their internal functions. There are certain departments that are performing the core functions of the business organization and then there are other departments which are supporting the core functions in operating in a smooth way.

A typical marketing department in a business organization is categorized as a support department unless the business organization is running a marketing business.

How Marketing Techniques have evolved?

The evolution of marketing techniques is based on the advancements of technology. As the advancements in technology has effected everything in the business world belonging to every industry, it has also been a big influence on the marketing techniques being used. With time the tools used for marketing have changed and are now in line with the society and its need for modern ways of marketing.

Previously the techniques used in marketing, although tried and tested and very successful, now have changed because the modern ways of marketing are more cost effective and have the ability to target more people.

Traditional Tools of Marketing:

  • Billboards: Using big boards on roadsides to promote a product or a company is something that we have all seen growing up. These huge boards can still be seen but the frequency of these boards being seen has decreased a lot. The cost of creating these boards use to be high and maintenance was also inevitable after a certain period of time.
  • Flyers & pamphlets: The use of flyers and pamphlets has been one of the oldest ways of creating awareness about businesses and their products. But this is something that can only be done on a smaller scale and target only certain places at one time.
  • V and radio ads: Mass marketing and advertising done using tele-vision has always been one of the best traditional methods of reaching out to customers by business organizations. It is without a doubt a very influential way of reaching out and engaging ones target market but it is also one of the most expensive ways of reaching out to ones consumers or target market.

Using radio ads to reach out to mass population has also been one of the most influential ways of promoting ones business organization. It is however not as expensive of a medium of marketing as tele-vision.

There are many other traditional ways of marketing and reaching out to the target market that businesses have been using over the years. But since the technological advancements the world has now adopted to new ways of marketing.

Modern Tools of Marketing:

  • Wikipedia pages: One of the most reliable and creative ways of content marketing is being done through the use of Wikipedia pages these days by many business organizations all over the world. Many business organizations have been observed to hire a professional Wikipedia page writing service to create a Wikipedia page that will help them only not create awareness among their target audience but will also help them in increasing their web traffic, their ranking in the Google search results and also their profits.
  • Blogging: Content marketing has been one of the most cost effective and influential ways of marketing in the modern era and blogging is one of them. Bloggers in this digital era can be known to be one of the most influential type of people that actually make an influence on the buying decisions of people all around the world. Business organizations all over the world hire bloggers to write good product reviews, business reviews and other content about them to make a good impression about themselves.

Blogging has also been known to be one of the ways in which one can reach mass population and is very cost effective as well.

  • Social media marketing: The modern digital era has empowered an average person to make himself or herself heard by giving them a platform known as social media. Now, there are a couple of social media platforms that are very famous and popularly used by most of the people in this world. So what businesses do is they make their pages on such platforms where they can engage with their target market and create awareness about themselves and their products on this platform. This is also one of the most cost effective ways for businesses to engage their target audiences as using these platforms businesses can reach billions of people without spending a lot of money.