The Internet Can Make Muay Thai Celebrities

3 mins read

The sport of Muay Thai has spread wildly throughout the world over the past decade. This is in large part due to the prevalence and expansion of the Internet and social media. Thirty years ago, it was practically impossible for Muay Thai promoters, instructors and schools to reach a worldwide audience. For years Muay Thai was essentially confined to Thailand. However, that has all changed.

The Internet has the ability to transform people into stars. If you look at YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, you can find a plethora of “regular people” who have become Internet sensations. There are fathers who unbox toys with their children, travel bloggers, food critics, and Muay Thai enthusiasts. Many in the digital marketing industry predict that in the next ten to fifteen years, YouTube could potentially replace broadcast television. For Muay Thai, social media, especially video and live streaming, can create mega-stars out of instructors and practitioners.

For example, in June 2018 a video of two sisters’ training in Muay Thai and competing went viral on Facebook. These young girls became overnight celebrities. Since the viral Facebook video, the girls have appeared on a number of news programs, radio broadcasts, and other presentations. Thirty years ago, these girls might have become local celebrities in Thailand, but in today’s technologically driven world, the Internet has the ability to make them celebrities.

This is a lesson that everyone involved in Muay Thai can learn from. Harnessing the power of live video, social media, blogging, and podcasting can not only promote the sport but can make celebrities out of competitors and help instructors educate people around the world about Muay Thai. Today Muay thai camp for male and female have many websites.

It is relatively easy to start using the Internet to promote Muay Thai and costs next to nothing. You can quickly set up a YouTube channel or Facebook page and begin broadcasting.  For example, you can do a video showing training exercises or the highlights of a recent fight.  You can do a live question and answer session during which you explain the history of Muay Thai. If you are really ambitious, you can start a daily vlog showing your training and interaction with the sport and combine it with a podcast, blog and a live show.

With the Internet and social media as easily accessible as it is, you can become a Muay Thai celebrity, personality, or expert.