Things You Should Know About Keyword Density

4 mins read

Keyword density is an important factor in SEO copywriting and it is one of the most dicussed topics. Keywords are the critical foundation for search engine copywriting. It is important that you follow specific regulations and rules when you define the most appropriate keyword density. This value is often defined as a percentage of words used to form a piece of copy. Content is still what the Internet is all about and copywriting is very important in any SEO effort. People have different ideas about the most effective keyword density that they should use. In fact, effective copywriting can be the sole factor in determining the success of your website. If your content is very attractive, people will simply look for it.

When it comes to keyword density, you should make your own experiment to know about the proper extent. Many SEO professionals would realize that keyword density isn’t carved in stone and not all websites implement similar keyword saturation levels. We should also know that keyphrases are not really created equal and we should know about the characteristics of each. We should pay attention to where these keyphrases should be used. We need to distribute them equally throughout the content, so each of these keyphrases will have distributed weight in our website. It is highly understandable that you may want a fixed and accurate formula. However, there are no hard and fast rules that you can follow.

You should have a proper insight on how to properly write the proper SEO-friendly copy. Keywords should be written in proper order and in proper positions. As an example, keyphrases should also be placed in headlines and sub headlines. However, if putting keywords in your headlines actually make them sound odd, then you shouldn’t do it. For proper flows, you should include keyphrases approximately once or twice for each paragraph. It is important that you count the frequency or repetition of each word in an article, so you will be able to determine the density of each keyword. There are tools that can help you to achieve this and you don’t need to manually count each word in the article. You shouldn’t try to artificially maintain a fixed density for your primary and secondary keywords.

It is important that you are able to focus on natural language. The copy could end up sound stiff or forced, if you regularly alter the composition of the words. If you artificially change the keyword density, it could eventually sound redundant and stupid. It is important that you shouldn’t compromise the natural flow of language. When people eventually reach our website, they could become uncomfortable with our way of composing the article. If changing the article makes it sounds odd or funny, then you shouldn’t do it. It’s important that we can become highly effective copywriter and it is important for you to learn the truth. Relying on myths could eventually hold us back, so it is important that we use only common sense.