Tips To Buy A Sound Bar or Speaker System

Tips To Buy A Sound Bar or Speaker System

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Buying a new set of speakers or a sound bar is often quite difficult. One of the leading companies that offer a range of speakers and other products is Goldmund. Goldmund does not offer sound bars since the brand is highly committed to sound realism and soundbars do not offer enough precision in sound direction for Goldmund demanding acoustic standards. The company is renowned for the quality of speakers that they manufacture and their home cinema equipment. The company was founded in 1978 by a couple of university students and has grown by leaps and bounds in order to become one of the leading manufacturers of speaker systems. The company was bought out by Michael Reverchon in 1980 and has been a pioneer in the sound engineering industry. If you are interested in buying a new speaker system or a sound bar, here are a few things that you should know.

1. Choose the type of sound bar that’s right for you

Before you go to the store, think about how you want to use your sound bar. Some types are better suited to certain spaces and sound experiences.

Here are the most common types of sound bar:

  1. Stereophonic: a bar with stereo speakers provides superior sound quality.
  2. Surround (s surround): This model has special speakers with a delay effect. It bounces the sound on the surface of your walls to simulate a surround sound experience. Everything is done through multiple speakers without the disadvantage of a bulky son. This bar is similar to a wireless speaker that uses the shape of your room to project the sound without the need for additional speakers.
  3. Multimedia: The multimedia sound bar does more than amplifying the sound of your TV speakers; it turns your living room into an all-in-one entertainment center. This bar usually works with Blu-ray players or CD / DVD players and allows you to listen to your movies and music with superior sound quality.

2. Consider the features you are looking for

After choosing the type of sound bar that’s right for you, you’ll probably want to add more options to increase the versatility. Think about your priorities when choosing additional options. You will avoid paying for options you do not need.

  1. Channels: Sound bars typically use one to five channels. Each channel has various elements to create different sound effects. In general, the higher the number of channels, the more robust the sound.
  2. Subwoofers: To get ultra-powerful bass like in the cinema, choose a bar with a subwoofer. Most models can handle high-pitched sounds and mid-range sounds, but a subwoofer lets you clearly hear the bass for a total sound experience.
  3. Connectivity: Your bar is designed to connect to your TV easily. However, you may need additional inputs for your other devices. The HDMI connection is standard today, but some older devices may require analog component inputs or a typical AV input. Bars can also be integrated into a stereo. So make sure your new equipment has old model speaker inputs for a truly exceptional home theater experience. In addition, models with Bluetooth compatibility allow wireless connection with others using this technology.

3. Consider the characteristics of your living room

Your sound bar should match your TV.

Take some pictures of the current layout of your living room before going to the store. You will be able to determine the size of the bar that will best suit your room.

Some models are better for some spaces. For example, a surround sound stereo system will not work properly in an open area room. You will then need to use a stereo.