Top 10 Halloween Ringtones for October

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Time flies so fast that we are halfway through the third month of 2020 and we haven’t even realised. Just this much fast will Halloween approach and we will all be spooked about it.

Halloween has been one of the most and earliest holiday celebrated on 31st of October. It is in some countries also called All hallow Eve, on this day people come throw parties and hold gatherings in their backyards and empty spaces. They hold bonfires and wear Leather Jackets or other dresses like Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket, or harley quinn costumes etc. This is to ensure that they are dressed in the most awesome and unique way. The ancient belief was that spirits would come out on that day and thus to vouch them away people would gather and light fires wearing scary outfits.

Seeing all this, people came out with halloween costumes, specially made to be worn that day, media came out with numerous movies to be watched in the month of halloween. Many songs were made specially for the occasion of halloween.

Of course, movies and songs can be watched and listened to later. Here in this article we are bringing you a unique thing.
Halloween ringtones! Yes we love the following ringtones and want you to give it a go as well:

Number one on our list is:

The Adam’s family theme:
We all loved the Adam’s family, even though in childhood it scared the daylights out of us. Even though they were all dead in the show they gave us best life advises. The theme song of the show was amazing and haunting which is perfect for the halloween.

Put a spell on you:

The song sung by Marilyn Manson I put a spell on you has showcasing lyrics regarding the love life. How the spell of love is being made and how, now you will have to suffer the stigma of love.

Are you of afraid of the Dark?

This is not just the title of our suggested song for Halloween but a book’s title too. The book being written by one of the explicit authors Sydney Sheldon, the book was based on Dark incidence occurring to women.

Season of the witch:

Why this should be your Halloween go to ring tone? There shouldn’t even be a reason. The name says it all. Donovan did the best job. Yes halloween is the witch season, keep rolling with it.

The nightmare before Christmas:

This song was sung in the context that as Christmas is by the end of the year, Halloween is the nightmare before a new year begins and all the new things start taking place around you.

Urban Cradles:

Urban cradles is one of the best and most scary tone if you put it on a blasting or even on a light pitch speaker. Urban cradles is the most downloaded audio. You will love it too, it has the perfect duo of scary and sassy and can scare the shit out of anyone if it starts in an empty room.

Harry Potter theme song:

The best thing that has been rewarded to us is the Harry potter theme song. The song and tone itself is an emotion and that too a sacred one. No one! Absolutely no one will not listen to it and put it as their ringtones.

Just like leather jacket shops like WWE Shop sell almost all the goods that are immediately taken away to sale. Same goes for women because why not?

Choose the ringtone you like to according whatever mood you have. Remember if you have any appreciated but not your type of songs you can also download and change your playlist.