TOP 13 Girly Gadgets that Every Business Woman MUST HAVE in Her Bag!

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What a complex task to be a business woman! As a woman, you may have a lot of different girly things in your handbag. And nobody but you surely know about what color of a lipstick suits you the most and what the best brand of lash mascara is. What about the rest? It’s really difficult to predict what things are really needed, especially if you are on a business trip or just in a hurry for the next meeting. What if your creative team is waiting for you somewhere in Puerto Rico or even farther? Of course, you have to take a car from San Juan car rental to feel safe and comfortable in the city. Just one click and you’ve got the best business car in your pocket! Note this and don’t forget to pack your organizer!

Is that the only thing you need? You should put many different things in your bag. Let’s find out what are they?

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  1. Pins and Grips

This can be a life saver when you need to make your hair or repair your pants on the go. Also, you can use a pin to open up your bracelet broken snap if it doesn’t want to work properly just when you least need it.

  1. Patch

You may need a patch to past it over your bleeding finger or callous on your thumb. Do you have new shoes? You definitely need a patch in your bag!

  1. Extra Pair of Earrings

As a business lady, you always look elegant. Also, you should be ready to manage different situations during your trip. You earrings are broken. Don’t worry! You have an extra pair somewhere in your bag. Find it!

  1. USB Stick

Keep it in your bag altogether with your keys and important documents. This small stick can be very helpful when you make a presentation out of office and have much information to share.

16GB USB Pen


  1. Healthy Snack

Of course, you will have a break for a business lunch. But what if not? You may have one important meeting after another and no time for lunch. That’s why a healthy snack is needed. What do you prefer, a nuts mix or a fitness bar?

  1. Portable Charger

Just face the truth: your telephone, whatever it works on Android or iOS, just can’t work without a charger. You can buy a not bad portative charger for $20 only. Also, it would be great to have a battery case to keep all cables and connectors in order in your beg.

  1. Stain-eraser pen

This small gadget can help you to look great at any weather. So, don’t worry about that ugly coffee spot on your blouse. You can remove it easily.

  1. Zippered Pouches

That’s what you need to keep your cosmetics, visiting cards and papers, and different small things in order in the depth of your bag. Otherwise, you’ll get a crazy mix of travel essentials instead.

  1. Hand sanitizer

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer driving a car or using public transport, you need to take care of your hands. Just find a good hand sanitizes with E vitamin and moistening agents.

Hand Sanitiser Cloud


  1. Breath freshener

You don’t need a bad breath. You can buy a mint gum or special freshener for it.

  1. Case for Headphones

That’s great you have a pair of headphones. Is it possible to find it in your bag? You can easily solve this problem with the help of a special case where you can keep your headphones. A modern digital case Nest Earbud always takes care of your headphones and microphone. It is good for a bag or a pocket.

  1. Music

Does music mean much in your life? Everyone likes music, even a business lady. There are many different variants to listen to music on the go. Try to pick one which is the best for you.

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  1. Organizer

Of course, there is no any other way to keep all your things in order than placing them in a new organizer. You should try an organizer from BUBM that is compact and simple in usage. You can easily put your wallet, telephone, tablet, headphones, ID card, and other important things you always lose.

Business woman is always busy. You are always on the go trying to solve all important tasks all together. You cannot but use different gadgets. Some of them help you to stay in touch with your partners or family, others are needed for a good and fast make up, planning, and relaxation. Have a business weekend in Rome or Puerto Rico? Don’t worry! You are ready for your trip with a dozen of useful girly things in your handbag. Just pack wisely and try to organize your bag space on the understanding that you are not going to lose a thing there!