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Top 5 Benefits of Using Reception Signs

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Signage is a great way to boost your business. Every business in today’s world follows a good marketing strategy. It all depends on the marketing. The success of any business in today’s world mostly depends on your business marketing. 80 percent of your work should be focused on marketing and how you can attract potential buyers and convert them into a customer. The most important factor in marketing is the advertisement. The more you can work on the visual impacts of the customer, the better your business will be. As people are now looking for eye-popping objects, you have to deal with them accordingly.

Your business should have an eye-catching and log ridden signboard. It will undoubtedly attract customers. Creativity counts more than just the size or quality of the sign presented.

What are the reception signs?

Whenever a customer or a client enters your company, the first thing he/she notices is the reception area or lobby area. To use the bland and bare walls of your entrance room in a better way, reception sign is the best option. Lobby signs or reception signs are a great way to invite your potential customers and tell them about your company.

Types of reception signs

  • Acrylic- These are the shiniest, dressy, and crisp letters. You can paint them according to your business need.
  • Metal- Metal letters are typically built by aluminium. You can either opt for metal lamination which will also be a cheaper option.
  • Illuminated signs– These are in high demand due to their impact on marketing. In illuminated signs, led lights are used.
  • Lobby plaques- It is a form of acrylic signs. You can use graphics to make it more attractive.

Things to be noted while designing your reception area

  • According to human psychology, we judge a book by its cover. So, you will have a very few seconds to impress a customer whenever they visit your store. Your sign should be designed in a way that embodies a sense of trust, loyalty, and comfort. Make your reception area in a way that provides a warm environment.
  • Are you informing your customers about your business motto? Your reception area should display your business mottos, slogans, and logo. This makes the reception area look informative to your customers.
  • You can use reception signs or lobby signs to provide direction to your customers. If you have big premises in your office, then you should definitely use directional cues.


Since you know how important signage is, you must be thinking of getting it done for your business too. There are companies for Reception Signs which provide you variety of designs to choose. You can even customize them according to your business need. So, make sure you use them to get your potential customers.