Top 5 Myths Busted For Online Rummy

Top 5 Myths Busted For Online Rummy

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The first reaction that one generally gets from a layman who has never played a game of cards is that this is a tricky game. Movies might often project the game in poor light but, it is a skill-based game. Play rummy or Poker, one of the easier game formats to understand what the game of cards is all about. Moreover, studies have proven that the game of cards offer cognitive benefits in the form of good hand eye coordination, better problem-solving skills, enhanced memory and improved brain speed. Over the years people have built certain notions around the game. Read below to find out top five myths and facts about the game of cards –

  1. Playing card games online is a waste of time

Old school folks might recommend a game or chess or playing out in fresh air. However, most of us ignore the fact that the online card games also require equal amount of skill and patience to win the game. Moreover, if the game was really such a waste of time, we would not be witnessing numerous online players winning cash rewards daily. Apart from winning money as you play, online games like rummy also offer you an opportunity to make new friends or further develop your skills by playing against real competitive players.

  1. You require large amounts to play

The game does require you to pay, however that is a nominal fee that is often charged as a participation fee. Paying for your game does not mean gambling, it is rather seen as an investment which will be later cumulatively handed out to one well-deserved winner of the game. In fact, a few websites also offer additional sign-up bonuses which can be used for the game. One can easily play with investments as low as Rs 10 and win a few hundred as they exit the table. Popular portals like also offers different payment options which offers flexibility and encourages you to play rummy and win real money.

  1. Prize money is too low

One who has played the online card games will swear by the enormous earning potential that these games hold. The jackpot winners will tell you how the online games have changed their life for better.  The online platform is indeed the best place where one can rise from rags to riches purely on their skills and efforts. First time players should refer to how to play rummy guide available online. Players joining the RummyCircle are offered 10,000 units of fun cash, which can be used participating in the practice tournaments.

  1. Online money transactions are not safe

Like all other online money transactions, one can be assured of secured online transactions on the gaming platform. Data security being a priority, cases of online frauds has come down considerably.  Moreover, the government itself has been promoting the digital India concept as it is not just convenient but also has accountability for every transaction. However, it is recommended that we as individuals need to look for the ‘https://” instead of the regular “http”; where S denotes secure version of the http.

  1. Card games are purely driven by luck

Louis Pasteur once said, “Chance favors only the prepared mind.” By that, he meant that sudden flashes of insight don’t just happen, and it is a product of preparation. Similarly, winning a game of cards requires a good amount of skill, planning and execution. Be it rummy or Poker, one must be equally attentive and make right moves to claim the prize amount. There is no element of luck which will help with your chances of winning the game. Hence, it is important that you are well versed with the rummy rules before playing.

The growth of technology and affordable internet plans and gadgets has further eased our access to online card games. The digital gaming format gives you an opportunity to dump that old deck of cards and simply play it online or your android phone. You can play rummy as you travel back from work or just feel like competing with your online friends. Play online rummy or the poker game and you will surely not mind losing track of time. Play it on your smartphone or login to RummyCircle as you step out for a coffee break or have a couple of hours to kill in traffic as you head back home. Playing rummy is not that difficult, there are a few online tutorials which will help you understand the rummy rules and there is no real why you shouldn’t be playing one soon.