TOP 8 Things You Should NEVER LEAVE in Car!

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Everyone likes traveling. Who doesn’t? The benefits of traveling are obvious. Even if you have little time or money, you can book last-minute flights and take the car from the budget car hire in Calgary or any other city. Besides, if you don’t want to waste time for searching the right vehicle, you can use a car rental app. This is your chance to find a car, look through their characteristics, compare rates and find about fees and extra charges. Don’t forget to follow the company’s website and check the rates and rental policy. Traditionally, you may be additionally charged as a young driver or going one-way. But even all these difficulties can’t stop you from packing your valise and going travel on the weekend or holidays.

And nothing can break up your plans and spoil your road trip, nothing, except for keeping everything organized. It is often challenging! Here are few recommendations about what things you should never leave in the car during the trip. It’s not only about the risk of being robbed but about your health and security.

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  1. Medications

When going for a trip, you should always take an emergency kit with you. But remember, all medications should be left at room temperature. Keeping them in heat makes treatment less effective and even dangerous. So, you can use air conditioner in the car and keep your medicines in a special cooling bag when traveling at a hot season.

  1. Handbag

Whenever you stop your car at the shop or at the gas station you shouldn’t leave your handbag off hand. Your handbag, carelessly left on the car seat can be a big present for thieves. Your wallet, credit cards, documents are in danger even when the car doors are locked. Of course, parking your car in the parking garage can reduce the risks of being robbed.

  1. Gadgets

When traveling, you may have many different gadgets in your car to help you. Thus, you need your smartphone with all useful apps and programs, GPS navigator, a laptop, a CD player. All your gadgets are full of personal information, pin codes, passwords, scans, and logins. This makes it even more valuable! You don’t need to hide your information anywhere if you will always keep all you valuables safe.

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  1. Documents

The same story is about documents. If you have personal documents like rental contract, passport, ID card, anything in the car, don’t leave them unwatched. If there is something that shouldn’t be in your car like your credit card, a marriage certificate or a partnership agreement, just leave it at home.

  1. Water

No doubts, you have to keep bottles of water in the car when traveling. Dehydration is not what you need because you may feel tired, sleepy, and exhausted. Nevertheless, it is better to buy a cooling bag to keep water cool when the weather is hot. Why? The chemicals, found in plastic can be dangerous for your health. When you let the bottles sit in the sun for long, the chemicals penetrate into the water and though, in your organism. If you still have doubts about it, you can find more information in the internet. Don’t leave plastic bottles in the car in heat.

  1. Food

When you go traveling, you should take some food with you. Of course, home-made sandwiches and salads are the best. They are better and more useful than fast food burgers. Also, you shouldn’t forget about snacks. It’s rather out-of-date to take chips and nachos. Take nuts, fruits, dry fruits, fresh vegetables, and flakes. Don’t forget food in the car when you stay in the hotel even for one night. You need a fridge to keep your food fresh and healthy.


  1. Young children

Traveling with kids is very popular. That’s so great that you could find some time to take your family for a trip. It may happen that you have to leave the car for a while to buy some food in the supermarket or restaurant. Even if you go for no more than few minutes, don’t leave children alone in the car, especially on a hot day. Also, traveling through the country, it is illegal in many states to leave children alone even for a minute. You don’t need problems with the law, do you?

  1. Pets

When traveling with the whole family, you always take your pets with you. But don’t forget than dogs and cats are also at risk when you left them in the car at a hot summer day. In hot countries the temperature reach 45°F and higher. The shaded and cracked windows can’t save your pets’ life.

That’s so great that you love traveling. But never forget that your solo or family trip should be carefully organized, especially if you are going to ride a car. Check the list of things that need your special attention. Never leave them in the car!