TOP 9 BIG Reasons Why SMALL Car Is Good For Travelling!

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What a good idea to leave your problems and everyday duties for a week and go traveling! It’s not about the right place to visit! It’s rather about the right car. There are many places in the world where you don’t need a car for long. For example, going to Portland for summer vacation, you need a car for 2 days minimum. This city is especially good for walking! But if you want to see the local wineries, waterfalls, or the coast, you can take the car for rent. Most of the major car rental companies have offices in Downtown. Thus, Rolls Royce rental in Portland, Oregon is always at your disposal when you need a good presentable car for hourly. Also, you can take a small car for your trip to save some money on rental. Believe it or not, but bigger is not always better! Of course, there may be cases when you are traveling in a group and badly need a big car. But most often, a small compact car is a perfect variant.




  1. Mileage

Sure enough, small cars are fuel efficient. Why? Because they have smaller engines and take a little fuel to move on. How about 20 miles per gallon? A typical sedan takes about 40! The prices for gas are not cheap and differ from state to state. With rising prices for gas, it would be great to have a small car to cut your budget for traveling as much as you can.

  1. Affordability

Have you ever seen the prices for rental cars? Of course, booking online, you always have a big sale with no taxes and fees included. But in general, small cars have lower rates than SUVs and sedans. They are smaller in size and in price per day or week. These small cars are usually called the super economy cars and for good reason.

  1. Maneuvering

How do you think, are small cars easier to maneuver? First of all, you don’t need time to get use to drive a big and heavy car. A small car has smaller engine, smaller size. It is not a problem to control such a vehicle, take sudden turns, accelerate quickly. Your car is really easy to control, especially if you are not a good driver yet.

  1. Parking

Parking was always a big problem for travelers. Sometimes, you want to park a car in the street or at the entrance of the restaurant. It will never be a problem to park a small car. But it will always be a real challenge to park your big car on a tiny parking place. Small garages, street parking spots, sudden stops are not a problem for a car of a small size.

Smart ForTwo rear


  1. Space

It is believed that big cars have extra room. Of course, it is true. But small cars are not often tiny and uncomfortable. They are just specially designed to look tiny, but inside you will find confortable seats and enough space for one-two passengers. Sure enough, small cars are not recommended for family travelers if you have more than 2-3 members in your family and a pet.

  1. Technology

People used to think that only big cars of the world popular brands keep up with the times, innovations, and technologies. Look closer to your small car! It is equipped with displays, sensors, monitors, heating and conditioning, and other high tech features like in a large car. This means you can rent a small car and save some money on its rental price. You will lose in size but not in comfort.

  1. Low Insurance

If you want to know more about the rental car insurance, you should go to the special site. Check the information! Of course, insurance mostly depends on the rental terms and conditions you take the car. But also you can find lower rates for small cars of economy price.

Small car in big world

  1. Luxury

Do you think that luxury cars are big? The latest models of small cars are really impressive. Sometimes, they come in higher price than their big brothers.

  1. Cheap to repair

Of course, small car has smaller parts. If you want to repair something on the go, you will not spend much money. The car details are more manageable and easy to replace and repair. Also, it is affordable by price criteria and time that you will spend for reparation.

Next time when you will look for a right vehicle for your trip, think small. There are many interesting small car models, equipped no worse than their big luxury brothers. Small cars offer new interesting models and full upgrade. Choosing between a small and a large car, try to answer the most important question first: WHY DO YOU NEED A CAR? Size doesn’t come first.