Top DIY Crafts Youtube Channels

5 mins read

If you’re looking for a drop of inspiration for those dreary and boring rainy days inside, sunny sunday afternoons or just those times when you feel like being super creative, you’re going to want to take advantage of social media and tap into some of these fantastic Youtube channels!

Here are the top DIY crafts Youtube channels:

MAKE Magazine

This Youtube channel has a ton of exciting and fun projects for you to enjoy. From simple upcycling of items you think are completely useless once used, like the coffee cup spycam project, to super useful and intricate videos like the emergency lighting system project. There’s a whole host of videos for you to choose from and new ones are put on the channel all the time. Plus the channel isn’t completely female orientated which some of them can be, so it’s a great all rounder for craft lovers.

Dazzle DIY

Dazzle DIY is a super fun, super young channel ideal for anyone looking to get super creative with their art and crafts supplies. The videos are so enthusiastic and exciting you’re bound to want to get started before each video has ended! The subjects are completely up to date, from DIY phone cases to holiday art. This is an ideal channel to use when you have an afternoon to fill, or kids to entertain, or when you’re looking for tips on doing your own DIY personalisations or decorations.


Threadbanger is the up to date channel for arts and crafts enthusiasts, containing an amazing selection of well presented videos showcasing fun and useful craft projects. Some of the videos are extremely practical, like how to make an antiques mirror look distressed and how to make a DIY easter bunny. But many of them are extremely innovative, so much so you’ll be looking at a lot of items in your cupboards in a completely different way. From the DIY watermelon phone charger to the cocoa powder sunless tan – you’ll be thinking outside the box from the moment you tune into this fun and out there channel!


This channel appears to be aimed at teenagers, but many of the skills demonstrated in the videos can be applied to people of all ages. For example; the DIY bleach t shirt video can easily be used to help you bleach home furnishings to make them look unique. And a lot of the ideas can be applied to everyday occasions, like the food videos (great for kids parties) or the various clothing and jewelry making videos which are ideal as afternoon party activities.


Handmade4all is a great channel for lovers of more grown up, intricate DIY projects. Some are so impressive you may well not want to let them go as gifts once you have created them. There are plenty of upcycling videos, as well as embroidery projects and lots of videos relating to home design. This is a perfect channel for lovers of complete DIY at home, because the results are extremely professional looking and beat many store bought alternatives.


Here you can find a lot of things to do with tissue paper, as well as various detailed craft projects suitable for all ages. If you like to get creative with your hands, and you don’t like to work with lots of materials at a time, this is the channel for you. Expect to know how to make every type of paper flower going after a couple of hours viewing. There are also some pretty impressive painting tutorials on there as well, so artists take note!

Recycled Bottle Crafts

If you’re looking to be blown away by some extremely innovative ways of recycling plastic bottles, take a look at Recycled Bottle Crafts. You will find you’ll never, ever throw a plastic bottle away after viewing this ECO friendly channel! From ladybird painted bottles for kids, to really cool instrument idea and home decoration ideas. A great channel to look at and use when your child is studying the environment at school, or when you’ve no time to get extra craft supplies and need some innovative ‘use what I have in the cupboard right now’ ideas.