Top Tech Trends To Dominate Year 2018

Top Tech Trends To Dominate Year 2018

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Spectacular inventions one of which includes face recognition technique in Apple’s iPhone X was one of the most remarkable app design trends last year. While technology trends survive for a short time period, the face recognition is going to dominate the app industry in the year 2018. Besides this, a number of tech trends are also there to prevail in the year 2018. Some of these trends have also prevailed in the previous year, which are going to become more prominent in the years to come. We have compiled the list of such tech trends that will define the technology this year.

Roundup of the Best Technology Trends

AI & Machine Learning

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. Along with the machine learning, it is just getting better. The combination of both of these techniques is sure to take mobile app development industry to an entirely new horizon in the upcoming years. The tech trend is thus predicted to change the world in 2018.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Companies are continually employing efficient and effective methods to churn out customer data in order to offer client-centric services. This makes Big Data & Business Intelligence the most valued of all tech trends. Both the techniques help companies to get the insights on the consumer behavior that helps increasing the sales.

Blockchain in Enterprise Security

The blockchain is secure, distributed and represents a unique system of records. Enterprises can use this tech trend as an authenticated mechanism that would secure the transactions from threat practices. In terms of enterprise security, blockchain, in the future can play a prominent role as a security measure for companies offering similar services.

Self-Driving Cars

The year 2018 is going to watch major inventions in the self-driving cars. Although, we will have to wait for a few years more to see such cars running freely on the streets, this year, companies will take major steps in this direction. The techniques employed in self-driving cars will get prominent each passing by year.


The year 2017 saw major innovations in augmented reality as well as virtual reality trends. The technology trend is all set to boom this year on social platforms like Facebook. Augmented Reality will also go a step further in games from what we saw in games like the Pokemon Go.


Automation is going to be an impressive tech trend in the year 2018. With advanced technology enabling the automation, the tech trend is going to be the one influential in the upcoming years. Automation is believed to play a prominent role in the robotics and similar technology.

The Closing Notes

This was all about the app development trends to watch out in 2018. All the trends quoted here are going to be much more prominent in the year owing to the potential they hold. And, all thanks to the advancing technology that we are able to enjoy the best from some of the most exceptional services available to us. As the technology will grow prominently, we will see bigger and better inventions in the upcoming years.

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