Virtual Reality Revolution

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Virtual reality technology has vastly grown from past few years. Virtual reality is the hot futuristic thing in the tech world. The VR hardware and software is capable of changing the way work is done in AEC space.  Virtual reality is believed to begin in the year 1950s, but the early elements show the traces of the use of VR in 1860s long way before the evolution of digital technology.

Even though VR tech is in use from many years the hardware used for tethering has been expensive, power hungry and bulky.

Virtual reality headset: It is a computer generated software which allows you to see the 360-degree vision and makes you feel as if you are in the reality (basically it is like goggles), unlike the regular screens which do not provide such experience, and use an external controller to move your body. This is referred to as virtual reality; it submerges you into the surroundings and sometimes it lets you forget that people are around you.

VR can include hearing, touch, vision and possibly the smell. The virtual reality companies in India are developing a dozen VR headsets and are being released soon. VR tech tricks your brain and makes you believe that you are in a 3-dimensional world.

It does this with the help of its stereoscopic display. Two slightly different angles of the scene are displayed to each eye. Various VR has various specifications, while oculus rift and HTC Vive has 90hz, the play station Virtual Reality has a 60hz display. The current HMD (head mounted display) is divided into 3 segments based on VR: 1. Premium PC connected full immersion, 2. The premium smartphone headsets, 3. Handheld VR kit

The virtual reality service companies developed the VR headsets for the following use:

Military Training: VR headsets are used in the training of US soldiers of army, navy and air force. It is a very useful gadget for training the soldiers without putting their lives in harms.

Medical Training: VR headsets are currently being used to train the medical students for surgery. Students are provided with a virtual patient who allows them to do surgery on it. In this way, med students can easily understand the procedure of surgery by performing on it. Students can watch the surgeons perform the surgical procedures without missing any essential parts with the help of VR headsets.  

Movies: When you use a VR headset it blocks the ambient light so that you do not get distracted and ruin your experience of watching the movie.

Gaming: who doesn’t love to play games, let it be an adult or a kid? It is the one field in which VR is being used from the 1990s. VR is currently being improved in the smartphones as well.

Use of VR in a virtual tourism: Since VR provides the 360-degree view, using it for a virtual tourism can be of great experience. You can actually see the VR demos of palaces, monuments, museums and famous tourist spots. Though it’s a virtual it’s a lot more affordable than a real tour.

Drone control: VR provides a way to the drone and controls it even when you are not around it. It will also send a live feed from the places which you cannot enter.