Want to Learn Language? TOP 10 Important Tools for Polyglots!

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Learning foreign languages is very helpful skill. It can increase your salary and job quality a lot. There are many interesting methods to boost your speaking skill. Of course, the best way to improve your pronunciation and get some speaking practice is to visit the country which language you are learning to speak. It will be an adventurous journey. Car rental LAS is able to make your trip even better! But what if you are busy with your study or other duties for now and cannot go traveling? Don’t worry! Before anything else, you can get a few useful recommendations. Modern people often use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop for learning and practicing the language even in public places.

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TOP Modern Tools You May Use to Learn Languages

  1. Internet

Your life is closely connected with internet. Every time you are looking for something on the web you can learn languages. How about using Language Immersion for Chrome? This program will help you to learn many new words by translating the web page to the language you need. Also, the program creates flash cards for fast learning.

  1. Environment

No doubts, your laptop is ready to help you in learning the language. What about your environment? Look around! There are many things around you that are ready to help. Of course, you don’t need to mark your pets and relatives with the English words. You can simply use your smartphone, laptop, even social media for learning by changing settings and selecting a new language. If you want to learn the language faster, you should create a foreign environment around you.

  1. Anki


Anki is one of the most popular learning apps. The smart cards can easily identify your upsides and downsides to make you learn languages faster and more effective than it was before.

  1. Duolingo Professional

People love Duolingo! First of all, this is a free app that helps you learning new words and word combinations, control your learning process, and motivate b uprising you with the virtual medals and other positive rewards. You can pick a course according to your age and speaking level.

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  1. Audio Books

It’s not a problem in our days to find a good book to read, especially with the help of modern technologies. There are many free resources you may use for learning. Try audio books! They cover more than 40 languages to pick from.

  1. Smartphone

You may use every free minute for practicing a new language with the help of your smartphone. Duolingo and Anki are not the only possible apps you are offered to use on your smartphone. There are many helpful apps that are ready to teach you languages in the shortest terms. You may try CatAcademy, Quizlet Lock Screen, or something else to practice languages at least 10 minutes a day.

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  1. Writing

You can learn new words effectively only when you write them down. The process of writing helps you to remember more new words, specific grammar, and orthograms. Writing is really the most effective way of study languages when you got stuck in your time and don’t have enough practice every day. Just listen to videos and write down the words you want to learn or review.

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  1. Music & Films

Learning languages can be boring, especially when you are just at the start and ready to roll. You have to learn at least 1000 of new words to write, read, and understand the language clearly. Books and apps are not enough! There is a way to make the process of learning interesting. Just listen to music, watch TV shows, films. Find something that you really like and use it in your training.

  1. Speaking

Of course, useful apps can be very helpful when you want to learn new words, grammar rules or practice listening. Nevertheless, it is recommended to speak with a native speaker at least 40 minutes a day. If there is no one to speak with, you can use such apps as WeSpeke or something like Verbling to find a speaking partner and practice successfully.

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  1. Reviewing

Adults are not always easy to learn languages. Kids usually do it faster and more effectively. Nevertheless, you can continue your study and become largely successful in learning the language. How? Just make a pan of learning and follow it. Of course, study process is based on learning new things and reviewing them later. You can mix old and new learning methods, pick the most interesting and up-to-date materials and tools. Don’t forget to review everything you’ve learnt before!

Learning a language can be not an easy process as many people think. There are many new methods, techniques, and devices you can use 24 hours a day. The most of them are really worth using. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about traditional methods of reading books, writing words. Just get some great support from your smartphone apps and desktop programs.