Weird Things That Mobile Phones Encourage Us to Do!

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The mobile market has seen a boom in the last few years. We have ample of new devices making an appearance in the market and this has increased the competition in the mobile application development services. With mobile devices, we have the mobile applications slowly taking a front seat in the field of technology.Gaming apps, intellectual apps, communicating apps – well we have apps for various genres but there are apps for some really weird uses. Do not believe me? Glance through the blog to find out some of the weird applications that the mobile application development services have come up with in this tech savvy world.

Weird Things That Mobile Phones Encourage Us to Do!

Let us glance through some of the interesting applications that the mobile industry has to offer.

Spoonr:Feeling lonely ? There are times when you need someone’s touch to make you feel better that can be wrapped in a cuddle. Well, the tech has a solution for this problem too. The Spoonr app lets you find a people near you what can be cuddled and this can be done with just a few clicks. It is a location-based social networking app that can be downloaded and used whenever you feel like being cuddled.

Infant Cry Translator:

When a child starts crying, you try all possible means to calm down the child by making use of various techniques with some hits and misses. Well, there is an app that is sure to hit the right reason as to why your child is crying so that you can use the right means to calm down the infant. The cries of an infant below 6 months of age can be recorded and transmitted for finding out the reason of his cries and accordingly the results are delivered online.


Technology has made such a great impact in the present era that it is feared that they might slowly replace human emotions. We do have an app that justifies the above statement. When a child cries we give the child a mobile phone and it stays silent for hours playing with the mobile phone. Cats are also given special importance with the invention of applications for cats also. We have this app named as Mouse, where the cat has to chase a mouse on the phone. Sounds weird but it is actually true.

Melon Meter:

Do always end up buying a less sweet or less ripe melons? Well, we have an app to guide you in buying the best and the juiciest of watermelons. Melon Meter is an app that can be used to test a watermelon by hitting it keeping the phone beside the watermelon. It detects the sound and gives a suggestion whether to buy the melon or not.


Spending hours on finding your car in the parking slot? TrakCar to your rescue as it helps in detecting your car from a bunch of cars. So next time you find difficulty in finding your car just download this app and there you go.