What Is The Importance Of Ventilation?

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Ventilation is an integral part of any housing. Without proper ventilation any person living in a household will feel suffocated and frustrated. Ventilation is all about aiding enough air flow into your home. The most important characteristic of a properly ventilated home is that it allows fresh and clean air into your house.Ventilation is very important if u are living u a city or you are looking to buy a housing or searching houses for rent in Bangalore, Mumbai or any other city .

What are the Factors that Ventilation Influences?

  • Concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen

An increase in carbon dioxide and a decrease in oxygen results from insufficient in air movement becauseof stuffiness in the premises that leads to lethargy and headaches.

  • Level of dust and other harmful substances

Tobacco smokes, a high content of particles related to dust, various nasty substances and pollen in the air have a very adverse effect on the health of a person.

  • A musty and an unpleasant odour

Odours cause a lot of discomfort and have the ability to irritate a person’s nervous system.

  • Air movement

This factor is vital in order to ensure that there is a very ideal balance of air indoors.Thus, it can be concluded that the factors explained above are negative factors and proper ventilation can affect these factors positively. We will also explain to you the importance of having proper ventilation in a household.

What Is The Importance Of Ventilation

What is the Importance of Ventilation?

  • Good quality of air indoors

The quality of air indoors is affected positively which makes the surrounding and interior environment of the room very clean.The quality of air is improved to a large extent and there will be no difficulty in breathing.

  • Cooling purposes

Ventilation is very important for the purpose of cooling. The inside of your house will be very cold and you will feel very happy living in.

  • Heat transfer

The heat is transferred from the inside of the house to the outside very effectively. There is no problem of heating inside the house and apart from the cooling purpose ventilation also helps in the process of transferring the heat.

  • Air changes

Having a constant quality of air is not advisable. The air quality must keep on varying from time to time. There must not be a constant temperature indoors. This is a very helpful characteristic of ventilation.

How does the Ventilation Process Work?

Ventilation is mostly important for cooling purposes. The best systems of ventilation works by transferring the warm temperature air to the outside of the home,between the time of 6pm and 3 am. The temperature gets heated up outside the house during the day time and then the doors of the house must be locked in order to stop the heat from entering in. these air changes are very important to maintain the quality of air in the home. A reduction of ventilation can affect the house in a very negative manner. Once the heat enters home it can be a very slow process to dissipate the hot air from the inside of the home.  If the temperatures inside the house remain very high during the evening times, the house will be quickly heated up by the next day.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Air conditioning process is a very general and also a far better climate manager than ventilation. Apart from the ventilation system, the air conditioning system must also be up to date. You must make sure the air conditioning of your home is improved significantly.Controlled ventilation and a good air conditioning system are vital for a good indoor environment. Without a proper air conditioning system a ventilation system is of no use.

Thus as explained above, the ventilation system is very important for the proper functioning and a good environment inside the house. It needs to be taken care of very properly. If you are planning to construct a house for yourself make sure you have a proper ventilation as well as air conditioning system to help you survive comfortably inside the house without any problems and miseries thus helping you live a very happy life.

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