What To Consider when Disposing Your Christmas Tree

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After Christmas comes a time where many house holds clear away their Christmas waste and make room for the new year. One of the things that is often on many peoples lists is disposing of their Christmas tree.

After Christmas traditions state you should take down your decorations on the twelfth night, which is considered January 5th, 12 days after Christmas whilst catholic religion advises the 7thof January which is the day after Epiphany. Many consider the Christmas period to be in December but in actual fact Christmas starts at the end of the month and continues through to the new year.

Whenever you decide to take down your Christmas tree, if it’s the first time you have had a real tree, then you might be a bit puzzled as to what to do with the old one, this is where hopefully these tips will help you.

What To Consider when Disposing Your Christmas Tree

Recycling your Tree

If you have a real tree then you should consider recycling, often local authorities will arrange collections of real trees at the beginning of January.  Ensure first of all that all of your decorations are removed and that there is no tinsel left touching the tree. If your local authorities are collecting your tree, then make sure you leave it in a safe spot where they can collect it – remember that a large tree can cause a health and safety concern if small children are playing in the area.

When your tree is recycled, it will often be made into wood chippings that will often go back into the community through woodland or park areas.

What to do if your Local Authorities are not getting Involved?

If your local authorities do not provide a collection scheme then apart from complaining you should seek the nearest recycling centre. Check your local waste recycling website to see the times they open and then simply take the tree yourself and dispose of in the garden waste section.

If you have a tree that you cannot transport to a waste recycling centre, then you could get the correct tools and cut the tree into sections to put in the boot of your car but bare in mind it might leave a bit of a mess!

An alternative to disposing of the Christmas tree yourself is to get a waste removal company to lend a hand, They will have the vehicles suited to carrying large trees and can offer to remove any amount of household waste that has been accumulated over the festive period.