What To Do If You Have High Cholesterol Levels?

4 mins read

Studies have shown that high cholesterol level could cause mild physical illnesses, followed later by much more serious conditions. If we have high cholesterol, it is important not to get too dependent to drugs and it is better if we are able to make numerous lifestyle changes. An obvious way is to take physical exercises and it can be as simple as having a brisk walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill each day. We may increase the intensity of the physical exercise regularly. This simple method should allow us to lose more than a few pounds and we will have more balanced cholesterol levels. We may also able to make the situation better by managing our stress level. In this case, we should learn how to relax and we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. We should have a proper balance in our lives, especially between work and play. Repeated tests have shown that blood cholesterol levels tend to go higher when professionals are badly distressed with their works. If you are working under severe pressure for many hours, then you need to make drastic steps stop everything from going badly in the long run.

It is important to progressively improve the quality of lives, including our personal relationships. Bad marriage is bad for our health and any marital discord may cause our cholesterol levels and blood pressure to rise up. Dysfunctional marriages should be fixed and if there’s no solution, a divorce is a better solution than allowing all the involved parties to suffer without any end in sight. A direct step to reduce cholesterol level is by avoiding any food source that contains cholesterols. There are many zero-cholesterol options that we can choose and they often contain high dietary fiber as well. An increased intake of vegetables and fruits and reduced intake of high-cholesterol food will eventually improve our conditions. It is important if we are able to fill our days with so much laughter. Try to have plenty of good belly laughs, instead of regular belly aches. It is a good thing if we can be involved in various light hearted activities that allow us to get fully relaxed. This should allow us to increase our good cholesterol levels. Watching hilarious YouTube videos should be good enough.

We should have the ability to identify foods that are bad for us. Processed meat and fried foods are typically bad for us. Also fast food meals are often loaded with trans fats, which could be introduced by cooking hydrogenated vegetable fats at high temperature. This increases the risk of coronary heart problems. It is a good idea to cut down on our intake of fried food. It is also a good thing if we can increase the intake of different kinds of nut. A handful of good nuts each day can really bring down our bad cholesterol levels. These nuts contain plant-based sterols which can manage any presence of cholesterol in our gut.