Whatsapp v/s Viber

Whatsapp v/s Viber

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It has been a long journey from sending letters via post cards, and then calling via public phones, and now its halted at owning smartphones.

With smartphones there comes a lot in store. Calls, pictures, messaging apps ranging from WhatsApp to Viber, and games and Microsoft office also! Phones are no longer restricted to just making calls and sending messages. They have reached up to a level way beyond the reach of people. What’s going to be next? No one knows!

The Grand Apps:

And among the so many, there’s this grand WhatsApp messenger, and the classic Viber for calls and messages too! WhatsApp dint seem to have an option to make calls, and now it has got that too! Viber doesn’t seem to have much of an escape against WhatsApp.

Lets have a look at the comparison of both the applications, and see who comes out as the winner!

To begin with compatibility! Well WhatsApp’s synchronization begins from the Nokia S40 phones, which is the lowest possible in this list! And then goes further up to the Symbian, BB’s, Android, iOs and Windows!

Viber needs at least a Nokia S40 Symbian. The rest remains the same with iOS, MAC, BB and the rest of alike. Viber is compatible to lower Android versions of 2.1 as well, and WhatsApp is compatible to a phone with windows 7.5 too! It will running it’s best on the latest version of Galaxy and apple devices like Note 5, Apple iPhone 8, Galaxy S7 Price, Xperia Z5 or LG G5

Next comes the user Interface. WhatsApp has got a very simple to use outlook, with the Nokia S40 and Symbian having the most simplest of all. Obviously we see regular updates with which WhatsApp tries to fix the bugs and keep its users satisfied always. Black berry also shares roughly a very basic approach for WhatsApp! While the Android/iOS/Windows Phone seem to have the typical  blue green interface!.

Viber, has got the same purple and white for all its set of compatible devices! This doesn’t offer much, and has only two task bars. Sometimes, it gets a little complicated on the calls, but otherwise its quite average.

Next comes what price to pay for both! Its free when downloaded from iTunes. If not, it will cost you a dollar after giving you one year of free usage for all other platforms! Negligible as it is, but with the so many users, even one dollar counts!

Viber on the other hand is completely free. It doesn’t seem to have a lot of add ons with the interface, and its basic nature remains. There’s these set if stickers that the company plans to come up with, which are to be paid for!

Next comes Bandwidth. WhatsApp being used for only messaging and videos which are not of very high MB dies not use require much Bandwidth.

Viber on the other hand, uses voice calls and video calls, therefore consumes a lit of it in just few minutes. Wi-Fi is the feasible option while using Viber, because cellular network might get exhausted during the use!

Now comes the security. WhatsApp needs you to have a number registered from which you can text. The app keeps a sync with your contacts and you know who’s available on the app. However, if you wish yo avoid someone’s you can block them, not let some one see you, you can personalize your privacy options. So the WhatsApp is pretty much safe and secure.

Viber has a different approach towards this. It has options to turn things off when you dont wish someone to know you’re online or be tracked by someone.

Next comes the very essential part, Features.

Its not about what they have got, but how they work out whatever they have. WhatsApp lets you share a lot, from videos to audio clips, and have a decent profile picture, along with whatever status you wish to apply! There’s no hassle of logging in or logging out, and there’s small little things it offers.

Viber is a little limited, and does not have too much to share. Video calls and just calls are not really of very good range, if the required bandwidth isn’t available. Keep updating those Whatsapp Status but, Have fun!

So, after having a look at comparison of both the apps, you can choose for yourselves which is a better one! May be WhatsApp Wins bu a one or two points on pen and paper. However, that’s how it us!

WhatsApp seems to have overpower all other apps, somehow!