Which Tennis Court Contractors Are Best?

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You can instantly make your property more appealing and inviting by having a tennis court constructed in the backyard or another expansive area where you’ll have plenty of space to entertain loved ones and get the physical workout that comes from a great game of tennis.

Make sure that the contractor you choose is following the rules of laying slab correctly before installing the surface of the tennis court. There are guidelines set forth by the ASBA for post-tensioned tennis court and courts that are made from reinforced concrete. You should also ask the contractors about how to prepare the site for construction. This may include draining the surface of water or performing drainage underneath the surface to avoid damage in the future.

Which Tennis Court Contractors Are Best?

It’s also very important that you don’t take any shortcuts when you’re having your tennis court installed, which means you’ll need to work with professionals who are committed to providing quality service. A stone base that is around 10 inches placed over geotextile fabric will ensure that the court foundation is strong. Limestone is also used in the construction of quality tennis courts because it drains moisture well, so this could definitely come in handy if you live in an area where there is lots of rain or snow. Don’t forget to ask tennis court contractors about drain tile as well so that water won’t collect on the surface of the court or underneath. When you have clear stone lifted around the court, the water that comes in contact with the court will drain quickly in case there is a heavy rain and moisture gets underneath the court. Ask the contractors if they use laser grading to make sure that the slopes in and around the tennis court are taken into consideration.

You should make sure that the tennis court contractors that you’re using are using concrete at the right compressive strength and that ASBA guidelines are being met to make sure the slump is not more than 4 inches. This measurement is also necessary to ensure that your court stays intact during the colder months of the year, especially if you live in a place where the ground freezes and thaws repeatedly.

As you’re narrowing down your choices for tennis court contractors, check the credentials of the company to make sure that state and regional guidelines are being met. Make sure the company has a clear insurance policy in place, so that you won’t be financially responsible if a mistake is made during construction. Do a thorough review of the customer feedback that the company has received from other customers who have had their tennis courts installed. If you see that a number of people have commented on how great the customer service is, or you find lots of comments on how fast the contractors worked, the contractor may be a good choice. If you find a number of before and after pictures on the contractor website showing detailed results of tennis court installation work, use this as a deciding factor as well. This will show you how you can expect your court to look once the building process is complete.