Why Is Web Design Important?

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You may be wondering why you need help in updating your current website. Although your company website might look outdated when compared to the competition’s website, it could still be doing its job. You might reluctantly agree to seek help in updating your website even if you are not totally convinced that you need a new design.

Despite most people’s skepticism, studies show that well-designed websites generate more customer traffic, which translates to more conversions. Whether you are selling plane parts such as donaldson air filters, or cutlery, you need a well-built website.

Here are some reasons why your company needs a good website:


The most important aspect of any website is its navigation: it can make or break a site. This is especially true if your website is robust and has many pages. Site navigation usually includes a list of labels and titles that differentiate one page from another.

Good navigation should be easy to understand, making it easier for users to navigate through your whole website. When designing navigation, most web designers are usually carried away with fancy designs that have no value. In many cases, simplified navigation makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for quickly.

A good tip when creating website navigation is to make it simple enough for your grandma to understand.

Brand consistency

Does your company have a logo that it uses frequently? If you use it in print media, then you must also include it in your website. Your customers need to be able to recognize your brand in all media and associate it with your business.

If your brand keeps changing its visual communications, your customers will feel uncomfortable, and this will cause them to associate with your brand in a negative manner.

SEO and reading patterns

Most people feel uncomfortable with websites that read like books. To avoid this, your web designer should stay away from top to bottom and left to right reading patterns. The most crucial information should be placed on the upper left side of your site to get the message across more effectively.

What most webmasters do not know is that the placement of important information also affects SEO. Including company-related keywords in HTML text makes it easier for search engines to crawl your website, which improves your site’s ranking and gives it better visibility.


The content found on your website is crucial for SEO reasons. Other important elements should be considered when a copywriter is creating content for your website and when the designer is making a visual environment for this content. Your content should be concise and short to keep the reader’s attention.

Moreover, if there is too much content on a single page, it becomes visually cluttered, which makes it harder for the reader to read anything on the page. When you streamline your content, the designer can insert it into an appealing design filled with empty spaces that allow the reader’s eyes to rest for a while.


Why Is Web Design Important?

Building trust amongst your customers is very important, but you first need to understand them and their needs. You can use marketing tactics as a type of dialogue to discover your customers’ needs. Once you strengthen your dialog with them, you can implement what they like in your new design.

If your website looks trustworthy and welcoming, traffic will start increasing and this will result in more business leads. Are you used to face-to-face business interaction? Then the internet could be a very scary place for you. However, you can create a user-friendly environment by using the proper web design strategies.