Why Running Is A Metaphor For Life

Why Running Is A Metaphor For Life

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People run for many reasons. Some run for sport, some run for health’s sake, some run for socialization, and most probably run for a combination of them. The mere fact that a person devotes time to running as opposed to countless other activities speaks to motivation, drive, and self discipline.

Why Running Is A Metaphor For Life

One could argue that a person’s running philosophy, style, and level of commitment all reflect one’s personality; therefore, running is metaphor for life. Here’s why:

When you run…

Run hard. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Run hard even if no one is looking. Remember, it’s for you.

Run hard especially if no one is looking. It is the true test of your character.

Run intervals even though they hurt and seem unnatural. Do the extra work necessary to get to the next level.

Run through the summer. Run through the winter. Run all year. Consistency is the key to success in everything.

Run alone often. Know thyself.

Run with others sometimes. It keeps you in touch with others who live the same metaphor as you.

Run against yourself and your own times. Excellence is your own race, one you pursue for yourself.

Sign up and pay early. Committing to do something is often reason enough to see it through.

Get up and run even if you don’t feel your best. Even a bad day of effort is a day of effort, and your performance may even surprise you.

Remember, your sport is many other sports’ punishment. “Fun” and “achievement” are individually defined. Do what works for you.

Run just for you. Most other folks won’t get it, and you’ll eventually quit trying to explain. Your sport, your vocation, your career, your religion, your life – should all be chosen by you and done for you.

When you run and whether you realize it or not, you bear your soul to the world. Perhaps more importantly, you confirm who you are to you. So, in running and in life, be true to yourself.