Why Traffic Analysis Is Essential?

4 mins read

After performing the SEO project, some amount traffic will start to trickle into your website. This should be a good opportunity for you to analyze the incoming traffic. Maintaining a website requires some amount of time and money, so we should make sure that they can pay off.


your website depending on the current trend in the industry. A good analysis of keyword should also allow you to know about the origin of your content. You will know the search term used by visitors to reach your website and this is important to determine whether your keyword optimization efforts have paid off. SEO effort requires you to spend some money and it’s important to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Traffic analysis should be a good way to know which webpages people are visiting most often and how long people stay on your website. Knowing the origin of the traffic and the search term people use will help you to know whether your incoming traffic is well targeted and relevant to your products and services.

When people visit our website, they are essentially connecting with the web server program, which is installed in the physical server. Based on their requests, specific HTML, images and other files are sent to users’ computers. When this process is performed, the web server makes a log file to record requests. If such logging is enabled, the log file could slowly become unmanageable and they could become quite large after a few months, even for a small website. When the log file has become too large, it could become quite difficult to extract any kind of useful information. So, it is important to regularly examine the log file, before they become too large and too complex to decipher. The raw log files should be converted into much more meaningful information. Based on the type of web server, we may configure what information that should be included in the log file. Important information may include, previously visited page, pages requested, IP address of visitors, date and time of the file requests or visit; and others.

The logging process can be based on Javascript tagging, with a tag that is embedded inside the webpage source code. The webpage may contain a zero pixel and invisible image that can be used to track user requests. When a webpage is requested, the invisible image will be transferred as well and this behaviour is stored in the log. This information can be analyze and used to make web traffic reports. In addition, we can use the same approach to track other things, such as the number of page views. We could also use event tags on the website to track any on-page event, such as product items added or removed from the shopping cart before the transaction. We also know what information that people share on the online form. In order to determine the effectiveness of page layout, we should also be able to determine how far into a specific page, people have scrolled.