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Why You’ll Thank Yourself Later If You Make The Switch To Solar Power Today

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Why You’ll Thank Yourself Later If You Make the Switch to Solar Power Today

It’s no secret that solar power has made huge strides in the world of alternative energy. Over a decade ago, many companies were finding ways to supply people with clean, renewable energy that was cost-effective and had long-term positive attributes.

With the advancement of new technologies, solar panels are more affordable than ever before. In addition, the tax incentives and quality of the panels provides potential short-term and long-term ROI gains through REC’s and improved asset equity.

If you are a homeowner or small business owner, now is your time to act and receive the benefits you’ve been waiting for with solar energy.

What’s the Bottom-Line?

Every renewable energy resource has its positive and negative characteristics, but solar professionals have found ways to implement integration techniques that create cost-effective and smart deliveries for solar power. Below are just a few of the many benefits of owning a photovoltaic solar system:

Get Them While They’re Available

The government has been pushing the development of alternative energy to decrease the dependency on foreign oil. Government officials have been stating this propaganda since World War II, but most law-makers have done nothing about it – until now. Recent government tax incentives allow purchasers of solar power to receive a 30% federal tax credit after the first year of system implementation. These tax benefits are one of the reasons why solar power systems are so affordable and make for great long-term investments. If you buy now, you will increase the equity of your property for the future – these credits may not be around forever so it’s best to capitalize on them now while you can.

Why You'll Thank Yourself Later If You Make The Switch To Solar Power Today

They Make You Independent

Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t want to owe anyone anything!” I believe every American wants to be self-sufficient because life becomes much simpler with less dependency on others. Well, not only is solar energy extremely environmentally friendly, but it eliminates your dependency on foreign oil. If the price of oil fluctuates, you will be able to laugh instead of cry about the high prices to heat for home or business. In addition, you are able to live, build, and grow wherever you please with the remote ability of sun-powered energy. The sun is everywhere you go and the need to have infrastructure is non-existent – you are self-sustaining.

Invest In Your Future

If you want to add equity to your home or business, there is no better way. Buyers, as well as real estate agents, look at three factors when evaluating a home or building – location, adjacent property prices, and square footage. Now they have another attribute to calculate into their property analysis.

Think about it? Would you rather own a home costing $300,000.00 for the next 30 years where you are paying approximately $2,000 a year to power or would you pay $320,000.00 for an identical home that requires no energy operating costs and has the possibility to actually supply you with supplemental income? Over the course of 30 years, you would be shelling out approximately $55,000.00 in energy operating costs at $150.00 a month. You’re actually saving money by paying more initially.

Buyers will see this advantage and jump at the opportunity to own a self-sustaining home.

Energy Storage and Passive Income

Probably the most innovative and amazing attribute of solar energy is that new solar technologies today provide more energy than needed for your home. During peak hours, solar panels produce excess energy via P.V. cells located on your roof. This energy can be sold back to “the grid” and local energy providers will cut you a check for your supply at retail price, not wholesale price.

Your energy meter will show at the end of each month, if your panels have produced enough energy, that you have a positive balance on your account and local providers will thank you for your resources. Energy companies don’t care where the energy comes from – they just distribute and have the infrastructure to pass along your efforts to other customers.

If you’re interested in making money by doing nothing than this is your chance to capitalize on a great opportunity.

This article was written by Matthew Hall. Matthew studied environmental studies while in college and now continues to pursue his passion for the environment by investing in green technologies. He is also a professional content creator for Bob Heinmiller Solar. To view more of his work, feel free to visit his Google+.

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