Wind Energy Around Your Home

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Wind energy becomes a very attractive option for electricity in remote places where there is no mains electricity, but especially in places where there is a lot of wind, strong and for much of the year. Moreover, not only will you be helping to protect the environment, but also you will be helping yourself in economic terms.

Clear that a wind turbine or other device to generate wind power can be very expensive especially for someone who just wants to experiment with homemade wind power for pleasure. However, it is not impossible and today I want to show how to produce wind power at home.

Wind Energy Around Your Home

Wind Energy, its Operating Advantages

Even if it means real savings in electricity, we will not use the wind to connect all electrical appliances in our house and if we are connected to the grid , even they can be compared . Anyway , it is useful , interesting, fun and operation is as simple : the wind moves the blades of a propeller, the movement it produces energy in the dynamo (generator) , which is transformed their current and that electric current is stored in a battery as electricity then through connectors , can lead to electrical device we want.

The simplest possible way , if for example a fan disarm and change of place the wires connecting the motor to the power supply , we will be using the motor as a generator . Connect the wires to a 12 volt battery to store energy and ready. That’s it.

But the energy we can achieve with a home fan is very easy. If we change to a larger propeller , and instead of using a motor as a generator used as a car alternator , and a car battery to store electricity , so if you achieve enough electricity to light several lamps. You just have to be willing to investigate and experiment with an electrical device that we can use to disassemble the motor or alternator automobile, tools, propeller and eager to feel a garage inventor or scientist . Here are some more options…

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