Workout Gadgets To Improve Your Lockdown Fitness

Workout Gadgets To Help You Through Lockdown

4 mins read

With everyone currently abiding by the lockdown rules and staying inside it doesn’t leave much room for your regular gym routine. Luckily there are plenty of gadgets you can buy to help you improve your home workout performance. Here’s a look at 4 gadgets at different price ranges and sizes.

Garmin Venu

If you haven’t embraced the smartwatch already then now might be the time to (pun intended). The Garmin Venu will help you with tracking your daily runs or home exercises using the latest technology. Create daily goals and the watch will even help motivate you with its built-in coach, so if you have a 5km or 10km goal in mind you’ll have a digital aid to keep you going. 

The on-screen display includes built-in workouts for cardio, strength, yoga and palates but you’ll also be able to download more via the app. There isn’t a lot that the watch doesn’t help with as it’s also waterproof and can even track your hydration levels, so if you’re struggle struggling with motivation during self-isolation, this might be the helpful gadget you need.

Bowflex SelectTech Kettlebell

If you’re more into strength training but don’t have the room for dozens of different weights the Bowflex is perfect. Designed to be clutter-free, the novel design includes six different weights and you turn a dial on the kettlebell to release the different weights and make it lighter.

There are dozens of strength and core exercises you can do with a kettlebell so its a great investment for home workouts when the gym just sadly isn’t an option.

Peloton Bike

If you’re looking for intense workouts from home using the latest technology, Peloton Bikes is one of the best home workouts. The bike itself offers a wide 22-inch touchscreen and is wi-fi enabled. One of the main purposes of the screen is so you can join in on Live and on-demand classes that will offer you peak performance. This is an additional monthly cost, but most find being part of a live class a great tool for motivation.  

The boutique indoor cycling experience came about in 2014 and although the bike and classes are expensive, with 550,000 bikes sales and a 95% retention rate on the subscription,this form of exercise is very much in demand.

Tangram Smart Rope

As there’s pretty much an app for everything, this now includes skipping ropes. So if running and cycling aren’t for you, buying this smart rope means you can push yourself further with every session. The app connects to the rope to track your calories burned, workout time and the number of jumpers. You’ll even be able to keep track mid-workout with 23 LED’s built into the rope so you’ll be able to see the number of jumps mid-air.

Buying some new fitness clothing can also help for motivation, and even though it’s not exactly a gadget, you’ll find recent designs incorporates moisture-wicking technology and compression panels to improve your workouts.