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You Don’T Have To Spend A Fortune To Enjoy A Wonderful Smartphone Experience

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Due to the ever increasing demand of mobile apps for android and iOS smartphones, app development companies keep churning out apps after apps. In fact the competition among app development companies has become so fierce. Hitherto, some app development companies specialized in only android apps while others focused on only iOS apps. But these days, most app development companies have android app developers and iOS app developers.

Manufacturers of smartphones are also slugging it out among themselves. Manufacturers of android phones are not only competing with themselves, they are also competing with Apple, the manufacturer of iOS phones. They are competing with the following parameters.


They all understand the importance of UI/UX to mobile app and smartphone users so they all try to outperform one another by offering better UI/UX. A good example is the annual competition between Apple iPhones and Samsung Note series and S series. When Apple releases its iPhone, it will offer better UI/UX than Samsung Note and S series until Samsung releases another model too.

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Screen Size

People now prefer smartphone with wider screens because it makes them scroll less and they enjoy a lot of applications better with a bigger screen. People download and watch movies on the go and they enjoy it better using phones with wider screens. In addition, gamers enjoy their games better with wider screens.

Internal Memory

One big constraint that smartphone users cope with is limited internal memory. What makes this worse is the fact that mobile apps don’t work in external memories. This is why a lot of people use their memory judiciously. Smartphone manufacturers also compete by increasing the internal memory size of their phones.

Battery Capacity

People don’t like to move around with portable power banks to prevent their phones from going off. Unfortunately, most smartphones usually have numerous apps running at the background at any given time so their batteries get weak too quickly. Smartphone brands have noticed this so they now manufacture phones with stronger batteries that last longer.

Dual Sim Slots

Users in the United States, United Kingdom, and other developed countries may not really bother about this but it is in high demand in most African countries. In response to that, Samsung produces several versions of each model of their phones. They produce single-SIM versions for developed countries and dual-SIM versions for Africa. The only two smartphone brands that have not joined the dual-SIM bandwagon are Blackberry and Apple.

Even though Samsung and Apple are the best brands, their smartphones are very expensive and not everyone can afford the brands. There is no doubt, they offer great UI/UX. In fact, they offer the best of every feature including the ones outlined above. The problem is that they are way too costly.

You don’t have to make use of any of them to enjoy wonderful smartphone experience. There are several phones that are not half as costly as Samsung Note 9, Samsung S9, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS but they offer wonderful features. A good example is the Xiaomi Mi 6X. Go through its features below.

Review of Xiaomi Mi 6X

Due to the demand on mobile devices, there are so many brands and models of devices around now. Unfortunately, their quality and specifications differ as well as their prices. What makes this a problem is that devices with higher prices don’t always have higher specifications. So, your choice of mobile device should not just be a random selection.

Xiaomi Mi 6X may not be the most sophisticated mobile phone but it offers a competitive balance between specifications and price. Most of the devices that have the same specifications with this model of smartphone are sold at higher prices. In other words, Xiaomi Mi 6X offers more than its cost.


Dual camera: With its 20mp primary and 12mp secondary cameras, the phone will produce more fantastic, clearer, and sharper images than most other devices.

Processor: The device is built on Snapdragon 660 Octa-Core processor that can be upgraded to 2.2GHz. The implication of this is that the device will be super-responsive and superfast and game players will appreciate this more.

RAM Size: You will agree that only very few devices have up to 4G RAM. This is why the game is highly responsive and hardly hangs. You can run numerous apps on the device at the same time and it won’t be slower.

Internal Memory Capacity: With a 64GB internal memory, you can download as many mobile apps as you want without having to delete some apps to install new ones like most smartphone users do. With a memory capacity of 64GB, you really don’t need external memory.

Multi-Color: The phone comes in several colors. This gives you and other potential buyers some options. The phone comes in light blue, gold, pink, and black colors. You only need to select your favorite color.

Screen Size: The screen size is one of the most important factors people consider in choosing their phone. Think about games and movies. The wider the screen, the more you will enjoy your games and movies. It will interest you that Xiaomi Mi 6X has a screen size of 5.99 inches.

SIM Slots: Another superior feature of this device is that it has dual SIM slots. So you can dedicate one line for calls and the other data (Internet). However, you don’t have to use both SIMs. The phone can work perfectly with a single SIM. The second slot is just and addition.

Network Bands: The device supports 2G, 3G, and 4G

Miscellaneous Features: The device has light sensor, gyroscope, electronic compass, proximity sensor, accelerometer, Infrared, Fingerprint, and face recognition facilities. In addition, it has a sophisticated GPS for campers, WiFi and Bluetooth facilities.

Although the phone comes at a highly competitive price, you will get an additional 31% discount if you buy it right now. The promotional offer may not last for long so you should take advantage of the discount now before it ends.

In conclusion, Xiaomi Mi 6X is one of the best devices within its range. It offers much more than its price. So, it is a good buy any day.