Yupp TV Dussehra Offers On Indian TV Channels

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Dussehra is an important Hindu festival celebrated all over India on the 10th Day of the Shukla Paksh. This festival is also called Vijaydashmi is many states of India. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil as it was on this day that Lord Ram defeated Ravana, the king of Lanka. People burn effigies of Ravana and distribute sweets among friends and family after the celebrations. Indians consider this day very auspicious and celebrate it with full vigor and enthusiasm by chanting religious prayers for the gods at the temple.

Many Indians who are settled in the US, UK, New Zealand etc miss these celebrations as there are only a few places in the USA where the festival is celebrated and that too on a small-scale. Indian TV channels help them reconnect to their roots and watch these celebrations live in India. Videos of the festival are shown live on news channels which help the Indians settled abroad to feel the festivities in their homeland.

Yupp TV Dussehra Offers On Indian TV Channels

YuppTV is offering a special Dussehra Offer where all Indian channels are available at a discounted rate so that Indians all over the world can enjoy the festival. Dussehra discount offers in the package include almost all the TV channels. These channels include entertainment channels, news channels, movie channels and music channels also. Live streaming of festivities on many news channels can be enjoyed at a very nominal cost during this offer. There are packages available which can be chosen depending on your requirement. The channels can be chosen for subscription and you need to pay for only those channels which you subscribe for. This offer is valid for only a very short period of time so hurry and subscribe today.

Buy YuppTV Dussehra Offer for yourself or gift them to your friends and family members settled abroad as a gesture of love. This beautiful gift will make them feel closer to India and its festivals. Every time they will watch the channels, they will remember you and your thoughtful gift always. They will also share this joy with their neighbors who will be able to enjoy Indian festivals and learn more about our colorful culture, history and traditions. Indian culture is in the heart of every Indian and this gift is the perfect depiction of that culture. Make this Dussehra a happy festival for all the Indians settled abroad and help them celebrate this joyous occasion in abroad. Offer differs from country to country.