10 Winter Essentials You Should Definitely Buy This Holiday Season

10 Winter Essentials You Should Definitely Buy This Holiday Season

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Winters are simply beautiful. You get to enjoy the chilled breeze along with the earthen smell of leaves. It is the perfect time to see the bright moonlight while taking a walk in the park or ice skating, dancing to your favorite songs inside a snuggly bar or sipping delicious eggnog in front of a crackling fire. But perhaps the most enjoyable thing about winters is how you can shop for fabulous winter outfits.

From cute leather jacket to chic boots, comforting thermal wear to stylish evening dresses, winter sets in an entirely new vogue for all the pretty ladies out there. Not sure what are the ins and outs of 2017 winter season? Do you want to only invest in the trendiest winter wear?

We have a list of 10 items that you must have this season to flaunt your style.

1.    Thin Leather Jacket

Well, you can’t have everything that is too warm. What about the days when the sun is out, and that thick, plush sweater is unbearable. This is where thin leather jackets come in the picture. The cute leather jackets not only shout sophistication, but they are also perfect for the less chilly weather. You can look at the vast choices you have and pick the one that looks best with your sense of style.

One is enough, but if you want something that is eccentric like an orange colored leather jacket, you might need to invest in a more neutral colored one too. The choice is ultimately yours.

2.    Jeans with Flannel Lining

These will pretty much be the things you spend your winter holiday season in. They are super thick and keep you very comfortable in the worst of those chilly winds too. You should have at least 3-4 jeans. They are also available in lots of colors and designs.

3.    A Beanie

If you already have one, it doesn’t matter, you can’t have enough beanies! They are just so adorable! The pretty colors, the fluffy ball on top and ahh… the snug warmth. They are the perfect winter essential that is fun and comfort in one go. So do not hesitate to buy another one…or two or maybe five and style them the way you like.

4.    Down Jacket

Down jackets are perfect when the mercury drops. They protect you from the harsh weather while letting you maintain your personalized look. The greatest thing about these cute jackets is that they can be worn with everything from jeans to dresses and all in between.

5.    Snug Woolen Socks

What’s the one thing that you seem to keep losing? Socks! It’s like they walk out of the closet or your washing machine! This is the time to buy at least three pairs of warm, comforting woolen socks to keep you fashionably styled this holiday season. You can even hand them out as a gift item to your loved ones. Go for colorful ones that also have trimmings to wear on all kinds of shoes and even around the house!

6.    Knee Length Boots with Fur Trimmings

Knee length boots are trending these days because they not only look really funky but are also super comfortable and warm. You won’t even need woolen socks under them for further protection. There are dozens of styles and colors that you can have a look at and choose.

If knee length boots are not your thing, you can invest in a good pair of suede or leather boots.

7.    Sweater Dress

These are simply divine! They come in form-fitting designs so that you don’t have to carry the bulk of the sweater to a date night while remaining safe from chilling winds. There are so many prints, colors, and materials available that you will have a hard time deciding which ones to buy. It is best to get one black sweater and one or two in bright colors that you like. They look just perfect when paired with long or suede boots.

8.    Tech-Friendly Gloves

This is fast becoming an essentiality. No matter where you are or where you go, your cell phone goes with you. This means that if you are walking to work on the coldest morning, you might need to use the phone. Keeping your hands bare in such weather is pure torture, and this is where tech-friendly gloves come into the picture.

They are readily available in the market and online. Get at least a pair or two in whichever colors you like to use your touchscreen phones with ease.

9.    Thermal Tights

These are the most essential innerwear you can find. The good thing is they come in really handy underneath short or pencil skirts. So you don’t have to worry about your legs getting frozen when you go for that skating date with your better half!

There are fantastic tights available out there and depending on your budget, you can choose whichever you like. It’s best to get two or three different colored ones so that they can last you three to four winter seasons easily.

The tights come in really handy for dresses too. If you don’t like thermal ones, check out the market for other materials that are preferable to you.

10.    Knitted Scarves  

Knitted scarves go perfectly with cute leather jackets. Since they are available in a multitude of colors, you can pick whichever colors you like best. The great thing about knitted scarves is that they are simple yet bring a festive look to your overall appearance.

Since it’s the holiday season, you can don a different one each day and call it your ‘theme of the season.’ You will be pleasantly surprised by how many people decide you copy your look!

If you’re not a fan of the knitted material, you can always go for woolen scarves as they are very warm and will definitely keep all the cold out no matter how freezing the temperature may get.

So which one of the above is your kind of style? Try out all of the ones mentioned above and see which look suits you the best. Happy holidays!