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12 Must-have Tools Every Woodworker Must Have

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If you’re setting up a new workshop then you’re probably not sure what all tools you need to invest in?

Well, it can be a tough question to answer for new woodworkers as they really don’t have an idea about the type of projects they’ll be working on and to what extent they’ll be adding detail. However, there are 12 basic tools that every woodworker must have, no matter what type of furniture you’re planning to build.

#1 Claw Hammer

You’ll be using nails to keep the pieces together and you’ll need something to nail them. The most obvious tool that you need in your workshop. You’ll probably have it already.

Make sure that the claw hammer, you get or have is well balanced. A poorly balanced claw hammer can easily twist your wrist and cause injury.

#2 Tape Measure

You need to take measurements, accurate measurements so that everything fits together once built. A tape measure helps you do just that.

Make sure you measure some obvious lengths using the tape measure before buying it. This will ensure that there aren’t any inaccuracies.

#3 The Chisel

A great tool to clean out the joints and add subtle details to your finished products. A chisel allows you to give your project a finished look.

Make sure you learn how to use and sharpen your chisel while you’re buying it. In my opinion, using a stone rather than a grinder for sharpening will give you a sharper edge.

#4 The Level

You’ll need to get a couple of these. Get a good quality one and test it on different surfaces for accuracy before buying.

12 Must-have Tools Every Woodworker Must Have

#5 A screwdriver

Duh! It’s an obvious tool but easy to forget about. Make sure you have one.

#6 Sliding Bevel

A sliding bevel helps you to measure angles and lock it at custom angels to make sure that all your edges are made at the same one.

#7 A router

A router allows you to really add the artistic touch to your workpiece. You can make awesome looking grooves and cuts to really add to the overall visual appeal of your project.

#8 A router table

A router table will help you enhance how well you can use your router. Make sure you read about the best router tables before buying one.

#9 Coping Saw

Coping saws are great for removing unwanted bits of wood from areas that are inaccessible to bigger saws.

#10 Card Scraper

A very basic and inexpensive tool that will help you to smooth out your furniture and remove any small bits of tear outs that can ruin its aesthetic appeal.

#11 Combination Square

A small tool that helps you pencil or knife lines at 45 and 90 degree angle. A small tool like is well worth the couple of dollars that it will cost you.

#12 A utility knife

A nifty little tool that comes with disposable blades. It is pretty useful for cleaning up the mortise joints and adding finishing touch ups.