The Peugeot 205 GTI: Review

The Peugeot 205 GTI: Review

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The Peugeot 205 GTI is a hot hatchback that was sold from 1983 to 1998 after which production ceased. However, the car is very collectible and we can supply a set of car mats that will perfectly fit this iconic model. W

Some people consider the 205 GTI to be the best hatchback of the 1980’s. It certainly has a rival in the Golf GTI but the Peugeot is more fun to drive as well as being reliable.

The first engine that was available was a 1.6 litre and this model has stiff suspension, but later models received a facelift with a better suspension and a 1.9 litre engine that created 130 bhp. The smaller engine was better balanced, but the larger one was faster.

The Peugeot 205 GTI: Review

There is no power steering in any of the Peugeot 205 models and the car suffered from over steer. However, it was not alone in this problem during that decade. The first Peugeot 205 achieved 0-60 mph in 7.8 seconds, which may now seem slow but was very exciting 23 years ago. The Peugeot 205 GTI was crowned Car of the Decade by Car Magazine in 1990.

This first Peugeot hatchback was not noted for safety with paper thin doors and it would certainly not pass any safety crash tests these days. Protection was not rated very highly when the car was first produced and with skeletal A pillars and a very thin sill, the 205 could be considered a danger to both driver, passengers and all road users.

Equally scary is driving on roads with pot holes and speed bumps as this old car can veer in a very wayward fashion. The sound of the engine can be intoxicating even though there is a 7,800 rpm limiter and the car is so fast that when you reach a corner you forget that there is no power in the lock. The throttle is responsive and gear changes are smooth.

Of course times have changed since this car first went on sale and now all cars must be as safe as possible. The Peugeot 205 now seems to have more in common with models like the Lotus Elise or the Caterham Seven. It is fun to drive, but not really suited to modern road conditions.

Nevertheless, the Peugeot 205 GTI is still in demand and a well kept model will fetch an amazing amount of money. If you have one of these cars or intend to buy one you can still get a set of car mats that will fit inside the contours of the car. My Car Mats supply excellent quality mats in a range of colours and trims.