3 Facts You Must Know About Brake Pads

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Just when you think you are well equipped with all the functionalities and facts of your car and its auto parts, you find something out in left field. As a car owner, you may encounter a lot of situations pertaining to your car that could make you go from “oh! It’s a beautiful sunny day” to “what the $#*% is happening”.

Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the better you can handle the real-life applications by applying your newfound knowledge. One of the components of your car is brake pads that help to protect your rotors from premature wear. Every car comes with a braking system, be it the one as old as your 1979 VW Beetle or as new as your 2018 Ford Mustang. But, what about the facts that most car owners are not told every day?

Here are some facts about brake pads you might not know-

How Does the Brake System Work?

When you hit the brake, the brake fluid starts moving through the caliper via a hydraulic system. The brake pads are then pressed against the brake rotors by the caliper. This motion produces pressure and friction that helps slow down your vehicle and make it stop at the point. Brake pads are a crucial component in the braking system, however, they do not last forever. You may need to replace your car brake pads regularly to ensure when you apply the brake pedal, it brings the car to a stop properly.

If you think the brake pads of your car need to be replaced, simply locate a reliable auto spare parts supplier, and buy the one for you. But, how you are supposed to find out the right brake pads for your vehicle? Read on the second fact for help.

Types of Brake Pads

There are varieties of brake pads, and each of themise made up of different materials. One of the types of brake pads is semi-metallic. This type is the most common among others, and are made of metal shavings, including copper, graphite, steel, and brass, bonded with resin. These brake pads are durable, reasonable, and offer good performance.

Organic brake pads are another option you can have for your car. These are made up of rubber and glass, and bound together with resin. These brake pads operate quietly, but do not last as long as the metallic brakes. Therefore, they require frequent replacement.

The third option is ceramic brake pads. These brakes are mainly comprised of ceramic fibers and other fillers. You can find this type of brake pads usually in high-performance vehicles since they are lightweight and offer excellent performance in very high temperatures. Also, they do not need replacement too often.

Signs to Replace Brake Pads  

Most of the cars you see around, including yours, probably contain semi-metallic brake pads that require replacement regularly. Since these are made up of metal, they eventually wear out; and when they do, you hear a grinding sound of metal on metal. This indicates you need to buy new brake pads for your car.

The great thing is that there are many auto parts distributors out there, which can help you buy brake pads of different types and from top manufacturers, including Asimco brake pads catalogue, and much more. Go online and buy what you need with ease.

Talking about Asimco brake pads, they are known for their unmatched functionality and durability. They come with superior stopping and long life along with ultra-low noise emissions. Once you buy them, you will know why these brake pads are extremely popular.