App Samurai: The Complete Package

4 mins read

The experts at Free Tech Aid are very much aware of the seriousness of the issue related to fraudulent mobile advertising. It is absolutely essential that advertisers keep away from any open advertising solutions since that may have fraudulent methodologies. It is always smarter for advertisers to fully study the vulnerabilities and capabilities of these solutions before investing their time and money.

App Samurai, a mobile application advertising platform, prevents fraudulent advertising tactics and allows the user to better manage their campaign progress. This even gives you a set of insights which would help anyone better manage their budget. It also provides different strategies for running ad campaigns, so that a competitive edge can be earned.

Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud

As people closely observing online ad tech already know, fraudulent mobile ad traffic is the most dangerous enemy of today’s mobile ad world. App Samurai makes sure that your ad campaigns are reaching real users thanks to their in-house mobile ad fraud detection and prevention tool, backed by innovative machine learning algorithm.

App Samurai observes the traffic coming from an ad campaign in real-time. This enables advertisers to immediately detect and identify suspicious traffic. They can quickly and automatically create white-lists and black-lists that allow and bar websites and applications on which the ad is to be served.

With the appropriate use of our smart and complex algorithm, App Samurai disallows Click Spamming, Click Spoofing, Click Injection, Install Hijacking, and Mal-advertising, along with other fraudulent mobile ad activities. This enables advertisers to experience an environment devoid of stress and confusion.

Total Control of Your Ad Campaigns and Budget

App Samurai has no boundaries, no limits, no barriers – a true representation of freedom! It’s helping app marketers around the world. Basically, this ends up enabling them to reach the most-engaged users from all around the world. This technique ensures a high percentage of successful converts, as well as, high ad visibility to potential users.

Smart Targeting

This self-service mobile advertising platform has a Smart Targeting System which enables advertisers to maximize their advertising performance. By ensuring users click in the right place at the right time, advertisers get better results. The idea is to target the right people at the right time and get successful installs while ensuring Mobile Ad Fraud is prevented from happening.

Fraud Prevention

This feature is all about minimizing the risk of ad fraud. This can be done by App Samurai with the help of their in-house fraud detection and prevention solution. This solution basically enables advertisers to ensure that their ads are not being served on fraudulent placements. Fraudulent mobile advertising can adversely affect all the campaigns that run alongside it. Detection, identification, and blocking can take a while when done manually but with a machine learning system, this takes only minutes. In fact, think of it as a sophisticated machine fixing a corrupted file after conducting an automatic self-analysis of a file.

Advertising management platforms tend to have a very complex user interface. However, we found App Samurai to be reliable ad tech, whose simple interface makes it ideal for advertisers and developers at all levels of skill to effectively launch and manage their campaigns.